Family:John Packard and Rachel Niles (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1][2] 27 Jan 1763 Easton, Bristol, Massachusetts, United States

Some sources appear to believe a different John Packard married Rachel Niles than the son of Joseph Packard and Mary Willis. The marriage intention in 1762 to "Ruth" Niles calls John "3d". Going through the Source:Packard, Theophilus. Genealogies of Samuel Packard of Bridgewater, Mass., and of Abel Packard, of Cummington, Mass from the original immigrant, we find the following John Packards mentioned:

At the time of this marriage (1762), the first two John Packards were deceased, leaving three candidates. Deacon John Packard was clearly older than the John Packard bp. 1741. The question remains which of either the son of Joseph and Susanna (whose birthdate is not known) or the son of Joseph and Mary, bp. 1741, was the youngest of the three living John Packards, and hence would be known as "John 3d". The John who married Anna Pratt in 1760 would have needed to have been born by 1739 to be of legal age at the time of his marriage. It is probable, therefore, that this is not the son of Joseph Packard and Mary Willis bp. 1741, assuming the baptism was within a year of his birth. This suggests the husband of Anna Pratt the son of Joseph Packard and Susanna Mitchell. As a result, it appears that John Packard, the son of Joseph Packard and Mary Willis, bp. 1741, was the youngest of three, and would be considered by the town clerk to be "John 3d".

This logic is dependent on the logic that assigned the baptism date of 1741 to the son John of Joseph Packard and Mary Willis, namely that it was the family of Joseph Packard and Mary Willis that lived in West Bridgewater where the baptism occurred (marriage of the parents also recorded there), that the first two children baptized in West Bridgewater (Joseph and Mary) appear to be named after the parents, and there is no records of the other family in West Bridgewater, suggesting it is not them. However, there is a lot that is not known, so it cannot be said to be "proved".

There is a John Packard of Easton that could be a good match, except that the marriage records to Rachel Niles found in both Bridgewater and Easton seem to indicate that John is of Bridgewater, and not Easton. --Jrich 10:43, 30 March 2010 (EDT)

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    Packard, John [int. 3d] and Ruth [int. Rachel] Niles of Easton [int. adds Bristol Co.], Jan. 27, 1763 in Easton.

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