Family:John Montgomery and Esther Houston (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1][2] 2 JUL 1738 Earl Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Est 1740-1750 Prob. Virginia
Bef 1752 Virginia
5 DEC 1752 Virginia
10 FEB 1818
27 FEB 1755 Virginia
15 AUG 1756 Virginia
ABT 1758 Virginia
29 DEC 1834
AFT 1769

Genealogy Report and Notes for John Montgomery and Esther Houston:

Descendants of John Montgomery

Generation No. 1

1. JOHN11 MONTGOMERY (ALEXANDER10, JOHN9, JAMES8, HUGH7, JOHN OF6 BRIGEND, MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM OF5, SIR4 NEIL, THIRD LAIRD OF LAINSHAW/LORD OF LYLE, SIR3, SIR NEIL2 MONTGOMERY, LAIRD OF LAINSHAW, THIRD LORD MONTGOMERY/1ST EARL OF EGLINTON1 HUGH) was born 1719 in Ireland. He married ESTHER HOUSTON 02 Jul 1738 in Earl Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania1,2, daughter of JOHN HOUSTON and MARGARET CUNNINGHAM. She was born Abt. 1718 in Antrim, Ireland3, and died 1798 in Logan County, Kentucky?.

Possible will in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina:

pg 135
Montgomery, John
13 Sep 1795, prb in Oct 1795 Ct.
Wife, Unnamed
Sons, Samuel, James, John,and Robert
Daus, Elizabeth Johnston, Isabella, and Ruth
Exrs; Thomas Irwin and Nehemiah Harrison
Wit; John Gingles and Daniel McCauley, Jurat

i. ISABELLA12 MONTGOMERY4,5, b. WFT Est. 1740-17506,7; d. 1792, Rockbridge County, Virginia8; m. MR. WILLIAM BUCHANAN9,10, WFT Est. 1758-176811,12; b. 1740, Chester County, Pennsylvania; d. Abt. 1805, Augusta County, Virginia.
ii. JAMES MONTGOMERY, CAPT., b. Bet. 1749 - 1750, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania13,14; d. 1809, Blount County, Tennessee; m. MARGARET WEIR, 1779, Rockbridge County, Virginia; b. 1749, Rockbridge County, Virginia15; d. 1809, Blount County, Tennessee.
iii. JOHN MONTGOMERY, REV., b. 05 Dec 1752, Virginia16,17; d. 10 Feb 181818,19; m. AGNES HUGHART, Jan 1772, near Rocky Springs, Virginia20; b. 24 Jan 1751/52, Virginia21; d. 08 Feb 182422.
iv. MARGARET "MOLLIE" MONTGOMERY, b. 1754, Virginia23; m. ROBERT EDMONDSON, SR., LT., Aft. 1772; b. Bef. 1755, prob. Virginia.
v. ESTHER HOUSTON MONTGOMERY, b. 27 Feb 1755, Virginia24; d. 180725; m. SAMUEL DOAK, REV., 31 Oct 1775, Rockbridge County, Virginia26; b. 01 Aug 1749, Virginia27; d. 12 Dec 1830, Bethel, Tennessee.
vi. ANN MONTGOMERY, b. 15 Aug 1756, Virginia28; d. 13 Mar 1829, Sevier County, Tennessee28,29,29; m. SAMUEL MCCROSKEY, 177230; b. Abt. 1757, Virginia31; d. Abt. 1843.
vii. DORCAS MONTGOMERY, b. Abt. 1758, Virginia32; d. 29 Dec 183433; m. JOHN LOWRY, 1771, Augusta County, Virginia34; b. Abt. 1749, Augusta County, Virginia35; d. Oct 1792, Abingdon, Virginia36.
viii. JANE MONTGOMERY, b. Sep 1763, Augusta County, Virginia37; d. 11 Feb 1843, Owen County, Indiana37; m. (1) EDWARD MAXWELL?; m. (2) SAMUEL B. NEWELL, JR., 30 Sep 1782, Augusta County, virginia38; b. 04 Nov 1754, Frederick County, Virginia38; d. 21 Sep 1841, near Gosport, Indiana38,39.
ix. ROBERT MONTGOMERY, b. 1764, Augusta County, Virginia40; d. Oct 1813, Washington County, Virginia41; m. SARAH J. COLVILLE, 1784; b. Bef. 1767, of Augusta County, Virginia.
x. ALEXANDER MONTGOMERY, b. Abt. 1767, prob. Virginia42; d. 19 Dec 1817, Sevier County, Tennessee43; m. MARGARET NAPIER, Abt. 1784; b. Bef. 1766, Virginia; d. 12 Dec 1830, Sevier County, Tennessee43.
xi. THOMAS? MONTGOMERY, b. Aft. 1769.
xii. UNKNOWN? MONTGOMERY, b. Aft. 1769.

NOTE: This is incorrect and has been proven incorrect. x. ALEXANDER MONTGOMERY, b. Abt. 1767, prob. Virginia42; d. 19 Dec 1817, Sevier County, Tennessee43; m. MARGARET NAPIER, Abt. 1784; b. Bef. 1766, Virginia; d. 12 Dec 1830, Sevier County, Tennessee43. Alexander Montgomery, son of John Montgomery and his spouse Esther Houston was born about 1750. He married Sarah Alexander about 1772. He did in Limestone County, Alabama 13 Jul 1830. The DAR has accepted this as the true history of Alexander.

  1. John and Esther Houston Montgomery, 1719-1973, compiled by Beulah Henry Anderson, et al., pub. 1974, by Brazos Printing Co., Maryville, Tennessee, p. 15.

    Other sources list date as July 2, 1748.

  2. Ernest Elder Crownover, Author and Compiler. Matt and Daisy Dell Kuykendall Crownover, Their ancestry and Posterity. (National Press, Santa Rosa, California, 1986), pg. 81.

    John and Esther were married, undoubtedly in the stone church of the Presbyterian worshipers on July 2, 1748, by the Presbyterian minister Johann Casper Stoever, Jr.