Family:John McPeak and Mary Fleming (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1][2] 28 Nov 1883 Saginaw, MI
4 Jul 1887 Saginaw, MI
3 Jul 1893 Saginaw, MI
Abt 25 Aug 1893 Saginaw, MI
  1. Church marriage record
    St. Andrews Marriage book vol 1, p.. 200 - 1883.

    QUAY 3 On the 28th of November were married John, son of Richard McPake and Margaret Cain, age 30 of Upper Canada, roadman in Saginaw City and Mary, dau. of Michael Fleming and Margaret Kennedy age 24 year s of Upper Canada from St. Mary Port Co. Upper Canada; wit: Thomas Matters of East Saginaw and Ann Fleming of Lansing.

  2. County Clerk Marriage Record
    Saginaw Co. Clerk book B, p 189;.

    QUAY 3 On Nov 28, 1883 were married, John McPake, age 30, a R. R. man, and Mary Fleming, of St. Mary. Canada, age 24; witnesses: Thom. Walton of E. Saginaw, born Canada and Ann Fleming of Lansing; recorded 1 2/31/83.