Family:John Housel and Margaret Unknown (1)

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Facts and Events
Marriage[4] April 20, 1826 Chillisquaque TWP, Northumberland, Pennsylvania
February 1827 Pennsylvania
May 16, 1829 Pennsylvania
July 4, 1831 Pennsylvania
February 23, 1833 Pennsylvania
December 25, 1883 Pennsylvania, United States

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  1.   John Housel Family in 1850 US Federal Census.
  2.   John Housel Family in 1860 US Federal Census.
  3.   John Housel Family in 1870 US Federal Census.
  4. The Watchman - Danville, PA
    April 27, 1826

    On Thursday last, by Abner Moore, ESQ. Mr. John Housel, taylor of Milton, to Miss Margaret Giles of Liberty township.

  5.   Columbia County, PA, Deed Book G, pages 330-331: Robert Giles? Heirs & Widow to David Perry.

    A deed filed in Columbia County Courthouse on 14 April 1837 describes the sale of property containing 109 acres, 155 perches in Liberty Township, Columbia Co., PA, by the heirs and widow of Robert Giles to David Perry. The widow is Nancy and heirs are Robert Giles, Thomas Vonkirk and Hannah his wife; John Housel and Margaret his wife; David Diefenbach and Jane his wife. This was part of a larger tract of land which was sold to Thomas Giles on 19 July 1794, who on 01 January 1807 granted it to Robert Giles, deceased. George Foster of Liberty Twp. and Nancy his wife, late Nancy Giles and widow of Robert Giles deceased, for the sum of $268.00 paid by David Perry released their rights to the property.

    research by Cindy Elder - Montour County Genealogical Society
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  6.   "On 05 Nov 1829 John Housel filed a petition in right of his wife Margaret, formerly Margaret Giles, who was interested in the estate of Robert Giles, deceased of Liberty Twp. That William Dale, who was appointed guardian of the minor children of the said deceased of whom Margaret was one. That he has not filed his account of his guardianship of said minors. A citation was directed to William Dale commanding him to file his account.

    On 03 April 1832, Robert Giles, one of the sons and heirs of Robert Giles, late of Liberty Twp., deceased, petitioned the Montour County court to allow him to choose a new guardian, stating that he is a minor above the age of fourteen years and that John Housel, his present guardian is entirely insolvent. Hugh McWilliams was appointed guardian."

    FOOTNOTE - Source: Columbia County Orphan's Court #5, November Term 1829, page 128.

    research by Cindy Elder - Montour County Genealogical Society
  7.   Handwritten page by Ette (POSTLE) FOSTER written after the death of her husband William H. FOSTER (July 20, 1912), but before her own death in ???. This page recounts a family story told to her by her father-in-law William FOSTER. A recount of this is below. Note that this is not a verbatim transcription.

    William FOSTER was the son of George and Nancy FOSTER.
    William's mother's maiden name was CALVERT. Her father named Francis, had drowned in the Susquehanna River at about Danville, PA.
    Francis CALVERT was a brother of John and Cecil CALVERT. "These men have a claim in the City of Baltimore, which is unsettled and is known as 'Calvert Square' ".
    Nancy Calvert had two brothers and two sisters, John and Francis - Sally and Jane.
    John and Francis are both married and have large families and reside in Gemesey Co, OHIO.
    Sarah (or Sallie) CALVERT married a man by the name of James ANDERSON, near Pottsville, PA. They had four children.
    Jane CALVERT married a man by the name of Obediah SMITH of Columbia County and they had three children. Jane was remarried to a man by the name of John RILEY, and they had four children. RILEY had been a soldier in the Revolutionary War.

    Nancy CALVERT was the youngest child of Francis CALVERT's children.
    She was married twice. Her first husband was named Robert GILES, by whom she had four children. "Margaret (or Peggy) GILES married a man by the name of John HOUSEL of Milton, PA. Jane GILES married a man by the name of David DIEFFENBACHER of Milton, PA. Hannah GILES, married a man by the name of Thomas (or Charles) VanKIRK of Columbiana Co. She also married again, this man name was David CUSTIS, all in that neighborhood. Robert GILES was the other child by her first husband. He enlisted in the Mexican War and never returned."

    Nancy CALVERT GILES, married a second man, by the name of George FOSTER. They had two children, William and Giles FOSTER of Marion, Ohio.
    It is understood that John CALVERT was never married. William Foster's grandfather, Francis CALVERT had two sons - their names were John and Francis. One child called after himself, and the other after his brother John of Baltimore.

    "I, Ettie Postle FOSTER, wrote this as Wm FOSTER told it to me in 1886, shortly after I was married to his son William H. Foster who passed away July 20th, 1912 at Marion, Ohio."
    Ettie Postle FOSTER.

    - Original in a private collection of an ancestor living in Grosse Point, Michigan.