Family:John Douty and Anne Holland (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1] Abt 1575 EnglandBased on birth of son Francis 1576
  1. Thompson, Neil. "A False Account of the Birth and Parentage of Edward Doty, Mayflower Passenger, Exposed", in The American Genealogist (TAG). (Donald Lines Jacobus,, 63:215.

    John Doughty of Dudlick married Anna, d/o William Holland [citing Shropshire Visitation of 1623 ]. The baptism of son Francis in 1576 suggests a marriage about 1575.

  2.   Reports that John Doughty married Ann Holland 11 May 1595 originate with a manuscript "The Doty Family" written by Gustave Anjou, who has written several fraudulent genealogies. Anjou was trying to provide a parentage for Mayflower passenger Edward Doty. According to Thompson, "This appears to be another case in which Gustave Anjou, not finding the information he sought, simply invented it."