Family:John Allison and Unknown (1)

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Facts and Events
Marriage? est. 1725 prob. Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
AFT 1778 In Tennessee?
bef 18 Dec 1787 Bourbon County, Kentucky

From Chalkley's Augusta County Court Judgements:

Scotch-Irish in Virginia, Augusta County, Virginia:

MAY 21, 1747. 200) John Allison have license to keep a ferry from his landing to Herbert McClures.

MAY, 1748. William Caldwell vs. Francis Beatey.--Debt on note dated July, 1737. Affidavit by John Allison, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, dated 14th April, 1742.

MARCH 23, 1754. (126) Road ordered from Campbell's School House to Renix's Road - Sam'l Walker, overseer - with these workers (among others) - John Allison, Wm. Byers, Sam'l Allison.

MARCH 1756. John Buchanan vs. John and James Allison. - We, John Allison and James Allison, late from the Province of Pennsylvania. Return "not found". (perhaps not this John Allison)

MAY 25, 1767. (138) John Davis (Hunter), security for John and Charles Allison.

NOV. 23, 1767 (382) Mary McClure vs. John and Charles Allison. - Abates by plaintiff's death.

13 AUG. 1771: John Allison and "Jenet", his wife convey 110 acres of land, located on the Fork of the James River, to Charles Allison.

AUGUST, 1793. William Kerr vs. John Dixon. - Trespass on land involving title. John Allison appeared as agent for William Kerr and was William's nephew. William Rankin is about to remove to Kentucky, 16th September, 1789. William Kerr and James Kerr were sons of John Kerr. Jury finds special verdict; patent to Wm. Kerr 2nd June, 1760. William Kerr and Martha, his wife, 17th May, 1768. Deposition of Elizabeth McClure, 5th August, 1789. She was the daughter of John Kerr. William Allison, son of John Allison, Sr. See some papers of above suit in papers of Samuel Hunter vs. Torbett and Mitchell.