Family:Job Randall and Elizabeth Doughty (2)

Facts and Events
Marriage? Abt 1679 Based on birth of eldest child
  1.   Some genealogies claim Elizabeth is a granddaughter of Edward Doty, the Mayflower passenger (e.g., Source:Randall, R. Ferris. Ancestors and Descendants of Snow Randall, the Quaker, 1609-1973, p. 8; Source:Hausmann, Priscilla Wright. Wright Family Genealogy and Allied Families, p. 99). According to Source:Doty, Ethan Allen. Doty-Doten Family in America, Edward Doty had no son James, plus the following evidence is given that suggests he is indeed not a son: no James signed a receipt for his share of his father's estate (p. 28), James m. 1649 and Edward Doty married in early 1635 (p. 27) so James appears too old to have belonged to this family.