Family:Jacob Fehr and Helena Peters (1)

Facts and Events
Residence[3][4][5][6] from 1909 Schoenau, West Reserve, Manitoba, Canada
Marriage[1][2] 30 Nov 1909 West Reserve, Manitoba, Canada
29 Jul 2003
25 Dec 2010
  1. registration #1909-001075, in Manitoba Vital Statistics Online Database.

    Jacob Fehr and Helena Peters married 30/11/1909 in [RM of] Rhineland

  2. Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society; Sommerfeld Mennonite Church; Henry Unger; Martha Martens; and Adolf Ens. Sommerfeld Gemeinde Buch: Registers of the Church at West Lynne 1881-1935. (Winnipeg, Manitoba: Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society, 2004), page 2B568.

    Jakob Fehr, born 1886 Apr 10, baptized 1907 May 20, [son of Johann Fehr and Helena Sawatzky], ref. 2B340
    married 1909 Nov 30:
    Helena Peters, born 1889 Apr 21, baptized 1908 Jun 8, [died 1968 Apr 4], [daughter of Johann Peters and Maria Wiebe], ref. U110
    Children listed, some of whom are still living (in 2012)

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  3. Manitoba, Lisgar, 36 Township 2 in range 2 west of 1st M, in Canada. 1911 Census of Canada. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: Library and Archives Canada), page 5.

    Jacob J. Fehr, born Aug 1886 (age 24) in Manitoba, farmer
    wife: Lena Fehr, born Apr 1888 (age 22) in Manitoba
    son: Johann Fehr, born October 1910 (age 8/12) in Manitoba
    all Mennonite, living on section 23, township 2, range 2, West of 1st meridian

  4. I REMEMBER - a reminiscence written for a family book, in Family records.

    'I am Jacob Fehr, born in 1917, the 5th child of Jacob and Helena Fehr, in the Mennonite school district of Schoenau, 5 miles north west of Altona, Manitoba. ... Our farm home was located on the east half of Sec. 23 Range 2 Township 2 WPM [west of the prime meridian], which places it about 10 miles north of the U.S. border and about 16 miles west of the Red River.'

  5. Manitoba, Lisgar, townships 2, 3 in range 2 west, in Canada. 1906 Census of Northwest Provinces. (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: Library and Archives Canada).

    John Vehr, age 46, born in Russia, immigrated in 1878
    wife: Helena Vehr, age 42, born in Russia, immigrated in 1875
    son: Jacob Vehr, age 19, born in Man
    son: John Vehr, age 18, born in Man
    son: David Vehr, age 16, born in Man
    daughter: Helena Vehr, age 12, born in Man
    daughter: Katarina Vehr, age 9, born in Man
    living on section 23, township 2, range 2, west of 1st meridian, post office address Altona

  6. Manitoba, Lisgar, in Canada. 1916 Census of Prairie Provinces.

    Jacob Fehr, age 30, farmer
    wife: Helena Fehr, age 27
    son: John Fehr, age 5
    daughter: Mary Fehr, age 3
    daughter: Helena Fehr, age 2
    son: David Fehr, age 5 mo
    all born in Manitoba, all Mennonite, living in township 2, range 2, west of 1st meridian