Family:Izaak Nicolaas and Adriana Uiterlinden (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1] 20 Aug 1913 Denton, Fergus, Montana, United States
17 Nov 1993

The following is the family legend as it was passed down from my great-grandmother, Frances Nicolaas, who heard it from her parents and then passed it down to my mother, who then passed it on to me.

Isaac came from a poor Dutch family outside of Rotterdam. He fell in love with a girl from Rotterdam. Due to the differences in social class (he, a farm laborer, she, a cousin to the Royal Family), her father forbade the marriage. Isaac then worked to save up money. With that money he planned on going to America. After settling in, he would call for his beloved to run away to him.

Unfortunately, further family legend and research would show otherwise. The connection with the Royal Family of the Netherlands has yet to be substantiated. Isaac was drafted into the army, and as such, was unable to travel with his parents and siblings to the New World. According to his military records, he served his time and then failed to show up to mandatory training. He was, therefore, written off as a deserter. His records do show a reference to some sort of communication, probably his explanation that he was leaving the country after serving his mandatory time (he was granted long furlough).

He arrived through New York City and soon joined his parents and siblings in Montana. He declared his intention of becoming a US citizen and became a homesteader. Unfortunately, he was reported as having broken the terms of his homestead, which lead to a year of investigation. During this year he was homeless and unable to farm his land. He tried backing out of the homestead and getting his money back, but, in the end, he was broke and homeless.

Adriana did come over and join him. According to family legend, they lived with his parents for a time before getting back up on their feet.

They had three children that survived into adulthood. Another child supposedly died of Lupus as a young child.

Isaac soon fell ill and Adriana was forced to go to work as a cook. This happened sometime after 1930 and her work (possibly with the railroad) led her through Idaho to Washington state, where Isaac died at a young age. His parents lived in the North of Washington, another possible reason for the move to Seattle.

Adriana was in a wheel chair for many years before her death. Only later did her siblings re-initiate contact with her. Her parents had ostracized her from the family after her departure. The family supposedly received "Royal" jewels from the Royal Family in the 1980s that were sold shortly thereafter for money.

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    Isaac Peter Nicolaas, son of Peter Nicolaas and Peternella Jacoba Vander Poel.
    Adriana Uiterlinde, daughter of Cornelis Uiterlinde and Adriana Roodhorst.