Family:Hugh Morrow and Mary McCloskey (1)

b. 1772
d. 1832

New Jersey Census, 1772-1890. Hugh Morrow is listed in the tax records for Hopewell Township, Cumberland County, NJ, for 1802, 1803, 1807, 1810 and as Hugh Morrah in the 1810 tax records for Deerfield Township, Cumberland County, NJ.

History of Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, obtained from the Northumberland County Historical Society, lists Hugh Morrow in the tax records of the borough of Milton, Northumberland County, PA in 1818.

The census of 1820 for the Borough of Milton, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania (Roll 107 Book 1, Page 139) shows Hugh Morrow (greater than 45 years old), his wife (greater than 45), and 4 sons and 4 daughters. Their age ranges correspond well with the established dates of birth of James, Elizabeth, Hugh and Mary Ann Morrow as well as those of the five unknown children (1799 daughter, 1809 son, 1815 daughter, 1817 son, 1819 son). However it appears as if the eldest son, James (born 1802), is not living with the family in 1820.

The census of 1830 for the North Mulberry Ward, City and County of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania shows Hugh Morrow (over 50 and under 60 years of age), his wife, and 2 sons and 2 daughters still living at home.

The census of 1840 shows two Mary Morrows, who would now be the widow of Hugh Morrow. One lives in the New Market Ward of Philadelphia with two of her daughters, and her age and the daughters' ages are consistent with the data from the 1830 and 1820 census records. The other Mary Morrow in the 1840 census lives alone in the North Mulberry Ward of Philadelphia which is the same location as the 1830 census but her date of birth is listed as between 1760 and 1770 which is ten years earlier than the listings in the 1830 and 1820 census records.

Mary Morrow also shows up in the census records of her son, Hugh Morrow's family, in 1850. These are found in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, Roll 800, Book 1, Page 385b for Hatboro, Moreland Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

  1.   1830 Census.

    1830 Census indicate that Hugh and Mary Morrow had a male child born between 1820 and 1825. Ages of children also indicate that James(b. 1802), Elizabeth(b. 1804) and Hugh(b.1806)had married and/or moved out of their parents' household.