Family:Elihu Hotchkiss and Sally Dean (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1] 20 Mar 1783 Petersham, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
  1. Births, marriages, deaths 1743-1837 vol 1, in Petersham, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States. Births, Marriages & Intentions, 1740-1905. (Microfilm of documents at town hall: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1971)
    p. 78.

    Elihu Hotchkis & Polly [sic] Dean both of Petersham Do [i.e., ditto, meaning "Married"] March 20 1783.
    [Also, p. 97: Elihu Hotchkish Entered his Intention of Marriage With Sally Dean both Residents of Petersham Feb'r 21 1783. W.W.T.C. Note that Worcester deed Vol. 89, p. 375 dated 23 Oct 1783, just months after marriage, is signed by his wife "Sarah", and the gravestone of Elihu's widow names her as Sally. ]