Family:Daniel Carlisle and Pearl Camfield (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1] 24 DEC 1919 San Antonio, TX
18 Apr 1998 Talahassee, FL

Daniel and Pearl were raised as first cousins, however since Pearl's mother, Sarah, was adopted there was no blood relationship.

They were married in San Antonio as that was where Daniel was stationed in the Army.

The family lived at the corner of Days Ave and Smith St. Phyllis can remember visiting Mrs Morris who lived across Smith St and had an outdoor gold fish pond. Mrs Fisk was an elderly neighbor that was also visited. She would make the family cookies and things but they weren't eaten because she kept her spices on the same shelf above the stove where she also kept poisons. Daniel didn't feel that they would be safe to eat due to her old age and poor eyesight.

After Daniel's mother, Sarah Carlisle, died in 1930 the family moved to the Main St. house. The house on Days Ave was rented out during the depression. The tenants couldn't always pay so repairs, such as a broken window that cost 50 cents to repair, were a major problem. The house on Main St included three or four lots. The next lot after these was owned by Daniel's sister and her husband, Tamerson and Harry Binns. They built a cinder block house and rented it out to a plumber. One summer when Phyllis was in 6th or 7th grade she and Vivian returned home from a visit to the family's camp to find that running water and a bathroom had been installed.

The house on Main St has since been torn down.

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