Family:Cyprien Duhon and Julie Granger (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1] 14 Feb 1820 St Martinville, St Martin, Louisiana, USA
2 Dec 1895



Cyprien Duhon married Julie Granger on 14 February 1820, in St. Martin Parish.S5

Cyprien and Julie Settle in Calcasieu Parish

Once married, Cyprien and Julie began a several-week journey by ox cart from St. Martinville to Calcasieu Parish, to settle on land owned by the bride's family. Arriving in Calcasieu Parish, they followed the Calcasieu River to Charlie's Lake, then continued south to what was then called Little Lake. The tract of land where Cyprien built his cabin was surrounded by pine trees, with prairie land further south where he could run his herd of cattle. The site of Cyprien's home is the spot where the clubhouse of the Lake Charles Country Club now stands.S6


The Duhons had at least three children.

Some researchers believe that their son Joseph Villeor Duhon, was actually a grandson adopted by them. Joseph Villeor is thought to have been the son of Azelie Duhon, who married Carmillion Farque.S1 After Farque died, Azelie married Narcisse Ogea.

Adding to this theory is that when Cyprien Duhon died, his direct heirs were listed as Azelie, Clairville and John Sarazin Duhon. Joseph Villeor's name was not included. Nine years later, when Cyprien's widow Julie died, her listed heirs included her grandchildren, and Joseph Villeor Duhon was listed among them.S1

If Cyprien listed Azelie, Clairville and John Sarazin as direct heirs, then who was Joseph Camille Duhon, listed in baptismal records as the child of Cyprien and Julie Duhon?S5

Family Events

Name Parents Entry Source Volume/Pages
DUHON, Cyprien Joseph & Scholastique HEBERT m. 14 Feb. 1820 Julie GRANGE SM Ch. : v. 6, #179 Vol. II, p. 292 S5
DUHON, Jean Sarazin Cyprien & Julie GRANGER b. 27 Oct. 1820 SM Ch. : v 7, #953 Vol. II, p. 293 S5
DUHON, Marie Azelie Ciprien & Julie GRANGE b. 20 Oct. 1823 Laf. Ch. : v. 2, #270 Vol. I, p. 33 S5
DUHON, Joseph Camille Cyprien & Julie GRANGER bt. 30 Sept. 1826 at age 11 mths. Laf. Ch. : v. 2, #270 Vol. II, p. 293 S5
DUHON, Azelie Cyprien & Julie GRANGER m. 20 Nov. 1839 Carmelien FALQUE [FARQUE] Opel. Ct. Hse. : Mar. #Q-20 Vol. III, p. 221 S5

One of the First Families of Imperial Calcasieu Parish

Household Members Birth Timeframe Identification Birth Year Birth Place
DUHON, Cyprien 1791-1800 1803 LA
female 1791-1800 Julie GRANGER 1804 LA
male 1811-20 Jean Sarazin 1820 LA
female 1821-25 Marie Azelie 1823 LA
female 1821-25
male 1826-30 Joseph Camille 1825 LA
male 1826-30 Clairville 1830 LA
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