Family:Charles Addams and Marylin Matthews (1)

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Marriage[1][2][3] 1980
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  1. Stacy Conradt. 10 Facts About Charles Addams. (Mental Floss: Where Knowledge Junkies Get Their Fix), 7 January 2009, Questionable quality.

    Charles and his third wife, Tee, got married in a pet cemetery to reflect their ghoulish sense of humor.

  2. Charles Addams and Marilyn Matthews, in Eric Pace. Charles Addams Dead at 76; Found Humor in the Macabre. (New York Times), 30 September 1988, Secondary quality.

    "In his personal life as well as his work, Mr. Addams had a penchant for the macabre. His marriage in Water Mill to Marilyn Matthews Miller in 1980 was held in a cemetery for pets, and the bride wore a black dress and carried a black feather fan. The groom, she said afterward, 'just likes black.' 'He thought it would be nice and cheerful.' When the bride suggested that the pet cemetery would make a fine final resting place for her and her husband, Mr. Addams chuckled and said, 'I know it's a bit impractical, but there are worse places.'"

  3. Marilyn Matthews Miller, in Charles Addams (NNDB), Secondary quality.

    "Wife: Marilyn Matthews Miller (m. 1980)"