Family:Buford Leach and Charlotte Gray (1)

Facts and Events
Marriage[1][2] 31 Jan 1900 Penobscot, Hancock, Maine, United States
Other? Maple Grove Cemetery, Islesboro, Waldo, Maine, United StatesCemetery+Lot
18 Aug 1925

Family recalls that Buford and Lottie were given (or purchased for next to nothing) a farm on Isleboro subsequent to working on the Field estate. Believed to have been the property of a New York Lawyer named Clark. They held that property for a few years before selling it. At one time, they had a place in a part of Islesboro known as "The Colony". At another time they owned a property in Redstone, NH, on "Redstone Street". During the second world war they lived with their daughter Cora and her husband James at the house in Redstone. At another time, they owned their own property in Redstone on Redstone Street (That property was later owned by Virgil Wade). Buford had heart problems and passed before Lottie. At the end of her life, Lottie was again living with Cora.

  1. Maine, United States. Marriage Records, 1892 forward.

    Bride Name: GRAY LOTTIE H
    Bride Town/State: PENOBSCOT, ME
    Groom Name: LEACH BUFORD B
    Groom Town/State: PENOBSCOT, ME
    Date of Marriage: Wednesday January 31, 1900

  2. Maine, United States. Maine Vital Records, [1] and [2].

    Groom: Buford B. Leach
    Bride: Lottie H. Gray
    Residence of Groom: Penobscot Me
    Residence of Bride: Penobscot Me
    Age of Groom: 19 y
    Age of Bride: 18 y
    Color of Groom: W
    Color of Bride: W
    Occupation of Groom: Day Laborer
    Occupation of Bride: Domestic
    Birthplace of Groom: Penobscot
    Birthplace of Bride: Bucksport
    No of Marriage of Groom: First
    No of Marriage of Bride: First
    Groom Widowed or Divorced: Single
    Bride Widowed or Divorced: Single
    Intention Field: jan. 19, 1900
    By whom Married; A. E. Varnum
    Residence: Penobscot
    Official Station: Justice of the Peace
    Date of Marriage: Jan 31 1900
    Place Penobscot Me
    Groom's Father's Name: Uriah B. Leach
    Residence: Penobscot
    Color: W
    Occupation: Farmer
    Birthplace: Penobscot
    Groom's Mother's Name: Edith L Snowman
    Residence: Penobscot
    Color: W
    Occupation: House Wife
    Birthplace: Penobscot
    Bride's Father's Name: Wilbur Gray
    Residence: Penobscot
    Color: W
    Occupation: Farmer
    Birthplace: Penobscot
    Bride's Mother's Name: Cora E. West
    Residence: Disceased
    Color: W
    Occupation: House Wife
    Birthplace: Buckport Me.