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Facts and Events
Marriage[1] 19 Jan 1743/44 Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, Virginia
BEF 1807
BEF 1807
BEF 1775 Virginia
AFT 1807
BEF 1775 Virginia
AFT 1807
BEF 1775 Virginia
AFT 1807

NOTE: Some researchers have confused this Benjamin Suddath with another Benjamin Suddath, son of Robert Suddath and Diana, who is about the same age. Please be careful in making additions to this family, and please provide sources to any updates.

Genealogy Report for Benjamin Suddath and Silent Jeffries:

Descendants of Benjamin Suddath

Generation No. 1

1. BENJAMIN4 SUDDATH (LAWRENCE3, HENRY2 SUDDARTH, DAVID1 SUDDEN) was born Abt. 1715 in prob. Stafford County, Virginia, and died 1794 in Truro Parish, Fairfax County, Virginia. He married SILENT JEFFRIES 19 Jan 1743/44 in Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, Virginia, daughter of THOMAS JEFFRIES and SILENT BRYANT. She was born WFT Est. 1712-1725 in Virginia, and died Aft. 1807.

Notes for BENJAMIN SUDDATH: From the Stoddard/Suddath Papers, page 185-186, will of Benjamin Suddath:

Fairfax County, Virginia, will book "F", pg. 156-158

In the name of God, amen I, Benjamin Suddath of the county of Fairfax, Truro Parish ... Item ... to Silent Suddath ... my estate during her natural life ... son William, negro boy Moses, now in the possession of son Lewis, buy named Peter; son James, girl named Let.; . . . plantation furniture; etc.... After death of my wife it is my will that all remains of my estate be divided among the whole of my children except William Suddath. Sons - Benjamin and James, Executors. 4/26/1791. Teste: Richard Wheeler, James Simpson, Thomas Winsor.

  • - tradition is William married against Father's will. Bonds: Silent, Benjamin Suddath, James Suddath, John Kent, Thomas Pollard - $1,000. Daughters, their husbands are mentioned in Catherine Halley's will. Nancy and Peggy each married Kings.

From World Family Tree, Cd#7, Tree #008:

ANCESTOR'S SERVICES BENJAMIN SUDDATH Signer of the Non-Importation Act in 1776 in Fairfax Co., Va.

In 1776 George Mason prepared and had passed the celebrated Virginia Bill of Rights. Thomas Jefferson prepared the Preamble which was attached to Mason's Bill of Rights. The Non-Importation Association gave copies of this agreement to prominent gentlemen in each county to be circulated for singatures. Six of these agreements bearing signatures of various Fairfax County inhabitants have survived. Below is a true copy of one of these.

The subscribers inhabitants of the county of Fairfax in the Colony of Va. having duly considered the above agreement and association and being convinced of the utility and real necessity of the measure therein recommended to sincerely and conditionally accede thereto and do hereby voluntarily and faithfully each and every person for himself upon his word and honor agree and promise that he will strictly and firmly abide by every article and Resolution herein contained according to the precendent and meaning thereof. H. Ross, Geo. Winn, Sm. X. Rogers Sr., Pet Wagner, Peter Sarter, Thomas Withers Coffer, Wm. Hamilton, Martin Cockburn, Wilb. Marbury, Thomas Cookerille Jr., Edw. Washington, Wm. Stone, Benj. Cockerille, Wm. Bayly, John (?name not legible), John Campbell, Thomas Hornbuckles, Pierce Bayly, Jonathan Denty, August Darnell, Jas. Daneale, James H. Lane, Samuel Bayly, BENJAMIN SUDDATH, Wm. Linton.

There is another Benjamin Suddath in the King George (near Stafford) County area around the same time. A Benjamin Suddath married Mary Sebastian on 2/24/1752, about the same time his brothers were all being married in the same place. Since this Benjamin Suddath married Silent Jefferies some 10 years prior, and Silent survived after Benjamin's death, then this was surely Benjamin Sudduth, son of Robert Sudduth and Diana.

1790 Fauquier County, Virginia - Personal Property List:

Sudduth, Benjamin pg. 21 Sudduth, William pg. 21 Sutthard, Benjamin pg. 21

From Genealogy of Benjamin Rigg: (

John Rigg (B. 1748) lived between James Simpson and Ben SUDDUTH on Rd. Q Road to the Pond... Pohick Road... Truro Parish. Mrs. Rigg, widow, lived between Wm. Hall and Henry Wingate on road the from Hallace's old field to Pohick Road at John Fowler's.

Notes for SILENT JEFFRIES: From Stoddard/Suddath Papers, pg. 177:

1807 Fairfax County, Virginia. Will Book "J", pg. 74. Will of Cathron Halley . . . "to my sister Sigh Suddath's children: Nancy King, Peggy King, Molly Hunt, Lewis Suddath, James Suddath, Benjamin Suddath, to sister in law Betsey wife of Henry S. Halley." (dated) 1/4/1807, (proved) 9/21/1807


  • i. ANN5 SUDDATH, b. 17 Jul 1745, Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, Virginia; d. Bef. 1807; m. JOHN KENT.
  • ii. JAMES SUDDATH, b. 13 Dec 1746, Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, Virginia; d. 1829; m. (1) NANCY PELL, Abt. 1794; b. 06 Aug 1772; d. 15 Mar 1805; m. (2) CASSANDRA HAISLIP, Bet. 1805 - 1807; b. 20 Jan 1779; d. 20 Mar 1847.
  • iii. MARGARET SUDDATH, b. 12 Jan 1747/48, Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, Virginia; d. Bef. 1807; m. THOMAS POLLARD.
  • iv. CATHERINE SUDDATH, b. 27 Mar 1750, Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, Virginia; d. 11 Apr 1750, Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, Virginia.
  • v. WILLIAM SUDDATH, b. 07 Mar 1751/52, Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, Virginia; d. 1817, Edgefield County, South Carolina; m. VIRGINIA 'LETTIE' SMITH, Virginia; b. Bef. 1752, Manassas, Virginia.
  • vi. BENJAMIN SUDDATH II, b. 05 Aug 1757, St. Paul's Parish, King George County, Virginia; d. 18 Feb 1835, Roane County, Tennessee; m. FRANCES 'FANNY' KING, WFT Est. 1790-1799, Virginia/Tennessee; b. Bet. 1760 - 1777, prob. Virginia; d. Aft. 28 Apr 1835, prob. Tennessee.

Notes for BENJAMIN SUDDATH II: Need more information on this Benjamin Suddath. It is possible that he married earlier in Fairfax county, but no information has been found to date.

Benjamin Suddath, b. August 5, 1757, St. Paul's Parish, King George County, Virginia, died April 28, 1835, Roane County, Tennessee.

Married first, wife unknown, possibly Frances Keener/Kenner. Children: not known

Married second, ________ King, daughter of Hargis King, before 1802. Children: ........ 2 Hargiss Suddath, b. abt 1800 - ........ 2 James Suddath, b. abt. 1800 - ............ +Martha Bean ........ 2 John Lewis Suddath 1805 - 1847 ............ +Evaline Center 1806 - 1900 ........ 2 Benjamin Suddath III, b. bef. 1809 - ............ +Frances Norman 1809 - ........ 2 Francis K. Suddath, b. abt. 1810 - 1865 ............ +Elizabeth Norman 1814 - ........ 2 Margaret E. Suddath?, b. bef. 1815 - ............ +William A. Henley ........ 2 Alexander Suddath, b. 1825 - 1877 ............ +Amanda Malvina Hembree 1828 -

From "Update on Benjamin Suddath, Revolutionary War Veteran", unpublished paper obtained from Norma Farrell, 1171 Twelve Oaks Drive, Mobile, AL 36695:

Benjamin enlisted as a volunteer, substitite for William Lipson, in Captain William Mason's trrops, in September 1780, for a term of six-months. His home at that time was in the Alexandria District, Fairfax County, Virginia. He marched from there to "Colechester town", Dumfries, Fredericksburg, Richmond, across the Roanoake River to Hillsborough, North Carolina, Guilford Court House, across the Yadkin River to Salisbury, Charlotte, then across toe Pee Dee River and on to near Charleston, South Carolina. Here they joined the 'main army' commanded by General Green and General Morgan and spent the winter. The next spring Green's army retreated from Cornwallis, more or less the way they had come down. Cornwallis' army overtook them at the Yadkin River where a battle was fought. He was kept in service for "about two months" after his six months enlistment had expired, and was discharged by Captain Mason.

He next served four months in a Regiment comanded by Colonel West. They marched from Loudoun County, Virginia, to Falmouth, Fredericksburg, Bowling Green, Williamsburg and "Little York", where they joined Washington's army during the "seige of York". He escorted British prisoners under guard back along approximately the same route to Hollands Ferry where the prisoners were turned over to troops from Maryland. He then served another two months under Col. Rine, reconnoiterinf along the Potomac River from Fredericksburg.

He then served five months under Captain Vicory aboard the ship Visur, which was "laden with flour for the support of the Americans at Havanah? Island?. The deposition suggests that the ship was captured and he "was then taken prisoner by the British, was put in irons and carried to New York..." where he was imprisoned on a British ship until the end of the war. Near the end of his deposition, made 11 September 1832, Benjamin states that he "served in all upward of sixteen months". Bear in mind that this is the account of a man 72 years old recalling events which had occurred more than fifty years before.

The periods of service given above add up to 19 months, which would have taken it up to April, 1782. The Bureau of Pensions of the Department of the Interior shows 7 months under Mason, 4 months under West, 2 months under Rine, and 5 months under Vicorry on the ship "Visur". These add up to 18 months, which would take it up to March, 1782.

Periodical Search at

Surname SuddathSuddath/Benjamin Suddath grave, Roane co., Tennessee "Roane Ramblings", vol. 7, Issue #3, Summer 1991 Surname SuddathSuddath/Benjamin Suddath, Rev. war, Tennessee "Roane Ramblings", vol. 8, Issue #1, Winter 1992

Letter from Mrs. Jere (Jane) Ballentine, Dayton, Tennessee, dated 8/1/1984:

Several years ago, my mother, Emma Suddath Jones, did some family research when she was considering joining the D.A.R. After her death, I found a page from a notebook with the following information. I am going to give it to you exactly as she wrote it.

"Benjamin Suddath, lived at Alexandria, Fairfax County, Virginia - married Silent (Jefferies) Suddath - was the father of four sons, James, William, Lewis and Benjamin - died at his home about 1790. His son Benjamin, a Revolutionary War soldier, left Alexandria and settled in Roane County near Kingston, Tennessee on the Emory River where he had a large farm. He was married to Frances Keener (poss. Kenner?) and they were the parents of several sons. He is buried on his farm near Kingston, now known as the Adams place."

Suddath records in Fairfax County, VA:

Fauquier Co. Va. Deek Bk. 8 1783-1785 P. 290 ROWLEY SMITH AND BETSEY TO MOSES SUDDUTH 1785




18 July 1791, page 249 The road, from the Ox road above William Simpson’s to where it Intersects the road from Sangsters to Bull run, The Tiths. &c. - of Sampson Turley, Marmaduke Beckwiths, quarter /on Wolf run/ Jos. Jacobs Jr. John Simpson/son of Wm./Baxter Simpson Benjamin Suddeth, Junr. & Henry Pell, - Sampson Turley Overseer

The road, from the Ox road above William Simpson’s to where it Intersects the road from Sangsters to Bull run, The Tiths. &c. - of Sampson Turley, Marmaduke Beckwiths, quarter /on Wolf run/ Jos. Jacobs Jr. John Simpson/son of Wm./Baxter Simpson Benjamin Suddeth, Junr. & Henry Pell, - Sampson Turley Overseer

Notes for FRANCES 'FANNY' KING: Some researchers have questioned the first name of Benjamin Suddath's wife. This researcher has not seen any proven records to indicate that this daughter of Hargis King was named Fanny, but several researchers claim it to be true. Fanny King probably died before her husband.

  • vii. LEWIS SUDDATH, b. WFT Est. 1758-1775, Virginia; d. 1843, Fairfax County, Virginia.


Fairfax Co., Va. Will Book U-1, pp. 111-112:

Will of Lewis Suddath of Fairfax Co., Va. Names the following legatees: Daughters Mary Ann Suddath and Theodotia Suddath; Son William Suddath; Servant Dinagh; Sons Henry Suddath, Lewis Suddath; Daughter Catherine Suddath; Grandson Edgar Thomas; Daughter Susan Monroe, Ann Matilda Summers. Witnesses: Daniel M. Fitzhugh, James Fox, Wm. Gunnell. Will dated 24 March 1843. Codicil undated, but has the same witnesses. Presented to court 15 May 1843. [Note by EDM: Lewis Suddath may have been married to a daughter of John and Catherine (Ford) Simpson, as one of their heirs was L. Suddath].

  • viii. MOLLY SUDDATH, b. Bef. 1775, Virginia; d. Aft. 1807; m. MR. HUNT.
  • ix. NANCY SUDDATH, b. Bef. 1775, Virginia; d. Aft. 1807; m. MR. KING.
  • x. PEGGY SUDDATH, b. Bef. 1775, Virginia; d. Aft. 1807; m. MR. KING.
  1. George Harrison Stanford King. The Register of Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, Virginia, 1723-1758 and Sundry Historical and Genealogica. (Fredericksburg, Virginia, 1961).