Family:Benjamin Jackson and Nancy Madole (1)

b. abt 1775 South Carolina
b. abt 1778 South Carolina

Note: DNA kit # 118289 62/67 match to the Col. John Jackson ancestral haplotype with a 28 at DYS 449 vs 27 : 37/37 at CDY a&b vs 36/36: 14 vs 13 at DYS 534 and 11 vs 12 at DYS 568. This participant is a genetic distance of five from Col. John Jackson and should attempt to find a distant known relative to test for the purpose of seeing if some of these mutations are recent. His relationship to Col. John Jackson could be very distant otherwise.

1850 Census District 58, Moniteau Co., Missouri
B. W. Jackson 29 M Farmer KY
Mary Ann Jackson 24 F MO
James Jackson 2 M MO
William Jackson 1 M MO
Benjamin Jackson 75 M Clergyman Bapt. S. Carolina
Nancy Jackson 72 F N. Carolina

1860 Census Township 43 Range 15, Moniteau Co., Missouri
Woods Jackson 40 M farmer KY
Mary Jackson 30 F TN
J. F. Jackson 12 M MO
Wm. G. Jackson 10 M MO
Benj. F. Jackson 8 M MO
Jno. W. Jackson 8 M MO
Geo. A. Jackson 2 M MO
Nancy J. Jackson 80 F SC (the 1850 said NC)
Lucinda Morris 20 F MO

Records found for Benjamin Jackson in Logan Co, Kentucky

March 9, 1814, Bk E pg 356
Benjamin Jackson and Nancy his wife to John Madole:
Benj and Nancy of Logan County 102 ares on north fork of Red River. mentions Craddock's line part of track of land said Jackson now lives on. No consideration shown. Signed Benjamin and Nancy Jackson, Wit: James West and William West. Acknowledged 3 Sept 1817. Nancy relinquished right of dower.

11 Sept 1818 Bk G pg 163
Benjamin and Nancy to John Ward, all of Logan County:
$6 3 acres headwaters of Woolsey's Creek, branch north of Red River, begining s.w. corner tract where Benjamin now lives. Signed Benjamin Jackson, Nancy Jackson. Wit: Isaac Steel, William Gambill. Acknowleged by Benjamin 15 March 1819

Sept term 1818 Settlement Record pg 98:
Ordered that Peggy Madole and Benjamin Jackson be appointed guardian to Samuel, Wm., Sally, Polly, John Wilson, Thomas, Hiram, Betsy, and Robert Baker Madole heirs of John Madole, deceased.

6 June 1830 Bk Q pg 545 Benjamin from John Ward:
Benjamin of Logan County, John of Macon County, Ill $300 200 acres beginning Cartright's s.e. corner. Acknowledged in Mason County, Illinois. by John Ward 6 June 1831.

7 Oct 1831 Bk R pg 233 Benjamin Jackson from Woodson Jackson, both from Logan Co:
$136.811/4 521/4 acres mentions Benjamin Jackson's corner William Madole and Heraldson's line Benjamin and Woodson's dividing line, signed Woodson Jackson.
Wit: Richard E. Williams, and Jacob Rife, acknowledged 14 Sept 1832

Oct 1, 1831 Bk R pg 234 Benjamin Jackson of Logan County and Woodson Jackson of Simpson County, Kentucky
$200 1263/4 acres adjoining lands Benjamin Jackson, Lelburn Brashears and others. Signed Benjamin Jackson and acknowledged 14 Sept 1832.

2 April 1835 Bk U pg 136 Benjamin and Nancy to James H. West all of Logan County.
$240 791/4 acres (metes and bounds). Signed Benjamin and Nancy Jackson, Wit: A. Milleken, George Halcomb. Acknowledged 12 Dec 1835. Nancy states she makes this deed of her own free will.

3 Dec 1833 Bk U pg 137 Benjamin and Nancy Jackson to James W. West all of Logan County.
$1000 north fork Red River beginning on River bank William Furgeson's line Craddock's Military line mill of Williams and Rife James Hunter conveyance to Jackson will more fully appear (description) Jacob Rief's 2 1/6 acres purchased of Jackson Daniel Clayton's line 250 acres, Signed Benjamin and Nancy Jackson Test:Richar E. Williams, Lenard E. West, Henry W. Bayless, A. Mellikin. (note a James and Elcy West Milliken, Elcy being a West). Acknowledged Logan County, Ky 12 Dec 1835. Nancy makes on her on free will.

4 April 1836 Bk U pg 288 Benjamin and Nancy Jackson to Anenias C. Barker all of Logan County.
$426 71 acres James Hernden's line Richard West's, Signed Benjan and Nancy Jackson, Acknowledged and Nancy questioned apart from her husband, 5 April 1836.

5 April 1836 Bk V pg 30 Woodson Jackson and Nancy Jackson to William Turner.
Land on Red River part of land conveyed by John Ward to Benjamin Jackson from said Jackson to Woodson Jackson 45 1/2 acres Brashurs east coner Benj Jackson's line Madole corner Brashur's line. Signed Woodson Jackson Nancy Jackson, his wife 5 April 1836. (this has to be a error in clerk's copying.) (preparation for their trip to Missouri).

Will Books checked from Bk A to bk G 1795 thru 1847.
Bk C 1823- 1827 pg 341. Benjamin Jackson, guardian to heirs of John Madole, dec'd comes into court on 2 Dec 1826 and states he had nothing to report as nothing has come into his hands as administrator. (note there appears to be no other report or even no guardian bond recorded).

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