Family:Ambroise Naquin and Elizabeth Bourg (1)

5 April 1759
4 May 1759
21 Jan 1766
  1.   Acadian-Cajun Genealogy and History.

    Passenger List for Le Saint Remi
    Ambroise NAQUIN, plowman - 60
    Elizabeth BOURG, wife - 58
    Joseph NAQUIN, son, carpenter - 19
    Pierre NAQUIN, son, carpenter - 19
    The Le Saint Remi, a 400 ton ship led by Captain Baudin, left France on Thursday, June 27, 1785. After 75 days at sea, they arrived on September 10, 1785. There were 325 people on board, along with 16 stowaways for a total of 341 families. On the way, there were 15 deaths from scurvy and smallpox. While in New Orleans, the group further increased by 19 (including 8 births) and decreased by 16 deaths. When it came time to settle down: 2 families settled near Galveztown, 2 families went to the Attakapas, and 85 families chose to settled along Bayou Lafourche.

  2.   Robert C. West. Naquin in Louisiana. (An Atlas of the Louisiana Surnames of French and Spanish Origin, 1986).

    The Naquins of Louisiana stem from the families of two Acadians of that surname, Ambroise and Charles who arrived in New Orleans with their children in the 1785 migration of exiles from France.

  3.   Roll of the Supply, disembarked at Saint-Malo on March 9, 1759, in Poitou Acadie Bretagne.

    NAQUIN Ambroise, de l'Isle Saint Jean, 34 ans
    BOURG Elisabeth, 33 ans, femme
    NAQUIN Elisabeth, 7 ans, fille
    NAQUIN Jean Baptiste, 5 ans, fils
    NAQUIN Pierre, 4 ans, + en mer
    NAQUIN Marguerite, 2 ans, + en mer
    NAQUIN Madeleine, fille (née le 4 avril 1759 ; + le 4 mai 1759)

    Also listed:
    NAQUIN Joseph, de l'Isle Saint Jean, 28 ans
    BOURG Françoise, 20 ans, femme
    BOURG Pierre, 29 ans (frère de Françoise)