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"2 Feb 1642, "whilst Mr Lothrop was at Scituate Mr. William Vassall, Thomas King, Thomas Lapham, together with many more, were together in Covenant, Source: History of Scituate, Massachusetts, Samuel Deane, ‎2009, p. 60. Will of John Hatche of Tenterden on 23 Mar 1628, "Alsoe I doe giue vnto Mr. Lotropp late mynister of Egerton [11 miles from Tenterden] forty shillings and to my uncle Peeter Ware 5 pounds to Stephen Huckstep 'my books of Mr. Caluins sermons upon Galathians. In the will of William Vassall, dated 31 Jul 1655, mentions "son -in -law Nicholas Ware and his wife Anna, my daughter." On 15 Dec 1629 "Capt. Waller and Mr. Vassall were content to give the first £50 to the plantation." Samuel Bacon, Thomas Eaton, Robert Ware and Comfort Starr on a 1695 tax list side by side. John Eaton of Dedham, yeoman, for £30. in hand and secured to be paid by my son William Eaton of Dedham, sell to him one parcell of land ... upon land of Michael Metcalf towards the west, the meadow of Samuel & Ephraim Ware towards the north, ... and land of Saml Ware towards the south. (Suffolk Deeds, Lib. LXL, p. 3.). Catherine Iton mar. Peter Ware in Tenterden, Kent, England on 8 Jun 1613. Source: Tenterden Kent Marriages 1597 - 1894, By Peter Smith. William Eaton, Bap. 28 May 1609 in St. Mary the Virgin, Dover, Kent, England, d. brf 1677, of Dover, Grocer, son of Nicholas Eaton, mar. Susan Witherden of Tenderden, dau of John Witherden. and Eaton, William, of Dover, grocer, ba., about 25, son of Nicholas Eaton, s. p., merchant, who consents, and Susan Witherden of Tenterden, v., about 17, d. of John Witherden, s. p.,g., who also consents, as is testified by Thomas Witherden of Cant. g. At New Romney. 7 Jul 1635. "The Will of John Huckstepp the elder of Tenterden in the County of Kent, Yeoman, 4 Nov. 22 James I (1624). "To my kinswoman Lydia Tilden, wife of Nathaniel Tilden, 5 pounds. To Thomas son of my brother Stephen Huckstepp 5 pounds. To my kinswoman Susanna Witherden, wife of Henry Witherden 10 pounds.

KENT ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY KENT LAY SUBSIDY OF 1334/5 Edited by H. A. HANLEY and C. W. CHALKLIN HUNDRED OF EYHORNE [EYTHORNE] DISTRICT - DOVER Jn. de Eyton 4 0 Jn. atte Ware 1 8 Jn. Pepper 1 0 Rog. de Eytone 5 0 Wm. atte Hecche 5 0 Wid. of Wm. atte Ware 1 2 Thos. atte Hecthe 2 8

The Visitation of Shropshire, Taken in the Year 1623, Vol. 1, By Robert Treswell, Augustine Vincent, pp. 180-181, is shown above. The visitation commissions were issued to Hawley in 1541, 1552, and 1555, but it is not certain if these were acted on. Hawley died at his house in the Barbican, London on 22 August 1557. Source: Wikipedia. Hawley likely performed the Visitation for the Eton family in 1541, a year prior to the birth of William Eaton who married Jane Hussey. As shown above, William Eyton, father of the above mentioned William Eyton, is listed on the Eton Visitation with s.p. under his name, s.p. = sine prole, without offspring. If he had died without issue, it would have read d.s.p. Henry de Eyton and Jane Cressett were the parents of William, Thomas, Lewis, Roger, Edmond, Fulk, John, Robert, Peter, Richard, Katherine and Nicholas. Henry de Eyton died in 1537 and surprisingly, none of his children were named his heir. The manor passed to Henry's grandson and heir Thomas Eyton in 1537, who held it until his death in 1582, when his son Robert obtained livery. Source: Eyton upon the Weald Moors: Manor and other estates, p. 139. It appears Henry de Eyton may have provided for his children in another manner, possibly with estates and income to their satisfaction. His grandson William, son of William, was known as a wealthy merchant of Dover.

Eyton of Eyton Super Weald Mores Arms: Harl. 1396 – Quarterly: 1 & 4, Or, a fret azure [Eyton]; 2 & 3, Gules, 2 bars ermine [Pantulf] - Domesday describes this Manor among those held by William Pantulf under the Norman Earl, Roger de Montgomery. William Pantulf, holds Etone and Warin holds it of him.

Warin "the bold" de Metz de Eyton, (c1079-) Lord of Eyton and Sheriff of Shropshire, Warin was William Pantulf's chief Feoffee in Shropshire, holding Etone, Bratton and Horton. Foreigners, or men whose origin was unknown or problematical, were preferred by King Henry; such in Shropshire were Warin de Metz, a Lorrainer, the three Peverels, and, greatest of all, Alan, son of Flaald. Source: Collectanea Archæologica: Shropshire, 1861, p. 11. Christiana, his daughter, m. William fitzAlan de Eyton, Lord of Eyton, and their daughter Christiana m. Hugh Pantulf, 4th Baron of Wem and later High Sheriff of Shropshire. See the Straffordshire Fief of Pantulf at the bottom of this page.

Alan fitz Flaad de Dol, (1078 - Abt 1114) a stewart of Brittany, m. Avelina, dau of Ernulf de Hessdin. Following the forfeiture of the estates of Robert de Montgomery de Belleme, Earl of Shrewsbury, in 1102, Henry I invested Alan fitz Flaald, lord of Oswestry, a "valiant and illustrious man" and the son of Flaad fitz Alain, with the Honour of Warin "the Bold" de Metz. Alain, a crusader in 1097, was dapifer to the ancient Diocese of Dol in Dol-de-Bretagne. Source: A Chronicle of the Early Le Stranges of Norfolk and the March of Wales A.D. 1100-1310, By Hamon Le Strange, p. 21.

William fitz Alan de Eyton, Lord of Eyton, (c1107-c1160) m. Christiana, d. & h. of Warine fitz Metz de Eyton, and had, in her right, the Barony of the same Warine, and confirmed all those Grants, which his ancestors or tenants had given to the Monks of St. Peters Abby at Shrewsbury, soon after the foundation thereof. Source: A general and heraldic dictionary of the peerages of England, Ireland, By John Burke, 1831, p. 197. William fitz Alan was very young at the time of his father's decease. During his long minority, Guy le Strange, Geoffrey de Vere, and afterwards Hugh Pantulf, successively acted as sheriffs of Shropshire, the former being appointed also custos of the Fitz-Alan estates, Shropshire: Its Early History and Antiquities, By John Corbet Anderson, 1864, p. 127. Their daughter Christiana (1145-1227) m. Hugh Pantulf, 4th Baron of Wem and later High Sheriff of Shropshire and their daughter Emma Pantulf (1162-) m. Sir Robert Corbet. Sir Robert Corbet is often named in various documents with Peter de Eyton I. Emma's brother, William Pantulf Baron of Wem,, m. Hawise FitzWarin, daughter of Fulk FitzWarin III and Matilda le Vavasour Baroness Botiller or Boteler.

Robert de Eyton, Lord of Eyton (c1130-) was Lord of Eyton on the Weald Moors and died about 1175, he was Ivo Pantulf's chief Feoffee in Shropshire, holding Bratton, Horton, Buttery, Half-Lawley, Sutton, and Cresswell of his suzerain was Ivo Pantulf, Baron of Wem.

Peter de Eyton I (c1155-c1210) Peter is known in earlier charters of Wombridge Priory. The Benefactions of Madoc ap Gervase, Lord of Sutton, of Walter de Dunstanville, Lord of Idsall, of John de Cambrai Lord of Lee-Gomery and of Alan de Hadley, Lord of Hadley, between the years 1180-1194, and they are nearly all attested by Peter de Eyton.

Peter Eyton II, of Eyton (c1185-c1248) m. Alice in Dover, he is on the Pipe-Roll of 1212 with a fine of 100 lbs., which Peter de Eyton paid for having the land of his father, this shows the succession of Eyton of Eyton to his father. Peter, calling himself son of Peter de Eyton about 1220, made a concession to Lilleshall Abbey. On 3 Feb 1249, Alice, his relict, quitclaimed to Adam Abbot of Shrewsbury all her dower right in Botereye, the Abbot undertaking to pay her an annuity of half a merk. Witnesses, Richard de Preston and Robert de Rodinton. Peter de Eyton was succeeded by his son and heir, William, who held one fee in Eyton, and one fee in Kereswall (Cresswell), of the Barony of Wem. "In Trinity Term 1222 and again in Easter Term 1226, Peter de Eyton and Thomas de Constantine were the only two Recognizors who attended at Westminster, in a great cause between Giles de Erdington and Elena Princess of Wales, concerning the Manor of Wellington." Source: Antiquities of Shropshire, Vol. 8, By Rev. Robert William Eyton, p. 29.

William de Eyton (c1215-c1255) m. Matilda, dau of Robert de Lega, deputy sheriff of Shropshire. Their grandson Peter de Eyton received a portion of his grandmother's estate in Lee Parva in Idsall (Leonard-Lee), indicating her surname was de Lega. The only de Lega born in the time period to be her father and closely associated with the de Eyton family, is Robert de Lega, the deputy sheriff of Shropshire. "William son of Peter de Eyton" in Nov 1240 he married the heiress Matilda. By 1255 he was deceased with Matilda surviving him, his son and heir was Peter, being an infant. "Peter de Eiton, Lord of Eiton in ward to Peter Peverel by gift of Ralph le Butler (Baron of Wem). Matilda, his widow, remarried to Walter de Pedwardine taking her part in dower of the estate of Eyton, the remaining part had never come to William de Eyton's hands, being held at the time of his death by his mother Alice, who died before 1256. In Jan 1256, Walter de Pedwardine and Matilda his wife, sued Peter Peverel and Ralph de Kent for the estate held by Alice and the court dismissed Peverel and Kent’s claim.

Sir Peter de Eyton III, Knight (c1245-c1315) m. Margery and was an adult in 1272, when Hugh Burnell had a Writ against him in Eyton, by Jan 1283 he is styled a knight. In 1284 Peter de Eyton was holding two knights' fees the Manors are: Eyton, Brochetone (Bratton), Sutton, and Half Lawley, in Shropshire, and Cresswell in Staffordshire. On 5 Jun 1300, Peter de Eyton settled his estate of Eyton by giving it to his son Peter who returns it to his father, to hold for life, under the Lords of the Fee, with remainder to Peter junior and the heirs of his body, or in default of such heirs to Margery, sister of Peter Junior, and the heirs of her body, with remainder to the right heirs of Peter Senior quit of any other heirs of Margery. "Richard fitz Alan, styling himself "Earl of Arundell and Lord of Album Monasterium", inspected, recited, and confirmed the Charter whereby his Ancestor William fitz Alan, "of good memory", had recognized the title of the Monks of Shrewsbury to the Church of Album Monasterium, with its Chapels, and to the Advowsons of Opton subtus Hagemone and Trohford. The Earl further inspected and confirmed all other concessions and grants of his Ancestors to the said Monks. This Deed, or Inspeximus, is attested by Peter Corbet, Fulk fitz Warin, Bogo de Knogvill, Robert Corbet, Fulk Glas, and Peter de Eyton, Knights; also by John de Hesthope, Ivo de Sulton, Robert de Sulton, Robert de Say, and Robert de Bochenhall. Dated at Schyreveworthdin (Shrawardine), on Tuesday in the feast of the Annunciation, 21 Edw. I." Source: Eyton's Antiquities of Shropshire, Vol. 10, By Rev. Robert William Eyton, p. 332.

Peter de Eyton IV, Lord of Eyton (c1275-c1330) Peter occurs as a prominent witness of Wombridge Charters on Oct 1302, March 1303, Jan 1305, and Mar and May 1308, is in no instance styled a knight. On 21 May 1311, he is styled "Lord of Eyton," and is a frequent witness of Wombridge Charters, the latest of which bears date 20 Jan 1324. A charter dated 1320 speaks of him as Peter son of Sir Peter de Eyton. On 28 Apr 1325, he was appointed a Commissioner. Peter de Eyton received a portion of his grandmother's estate in Lee Parva in Idsall (Leonard-Lee), indicating her surname was de Lega.

John de Eyton (c1298-c1360) Lord of Eyton, is styled Dominus Johannes de Eyton super le Wildmore on 21 Sep 1331, and 25 Jul 1344, he, but not as a knight. On 7 May 1339, a fine was levied whereby Richard de Tatenhall and Margery his wife quitclaim for themselves, and the heirs of Margery, to John de Eyton (Plaintiff) 100 rent in Eyton super le Wyldmore. For this, John de Eyton paid 60 merks. Source: Antiquities of Shropshire, Vol. 8, By Robert William Eyton, p. 34. The 1334/5 Kent Archaeological Society Kent Lay Subsidy, Edited by H. A. Hanley, show John de Eyton and John Atte Ware listed side by side for the Hundred of Eythorne in Dover.

Peter de Eyton V (c1322-c1380) Peter was the son and heir of John, occurs as a witness in 1354/56, and on 2 Apr 1366 he presented to Eyton Church, and on 21 May 1377, he is again as witness of a Deed, but not as a knight. Peter was succeeded by his son and heir, John de Eyton.

Sir Humphrey Eyton de Eyton (c1345-c1400) Sir Humphrey of co. Salop was Ranger of the Forest Wrekin and Wildmores was ranger of this forest in 1390. Source: The Silurian system, founded on genological researches, By Roderick Impey Murchison, p. 590.

Sir George de Eyton (c1367-) "Eyton.—Or., a fret az., quartered with gu., two bars erm. Crest: A reindeer's head or., in his mouth an acorn flipped vert, fructed of the first. Another—A bird's head erased, holding in the beak a trefoil flipped, all ppr. Confirmed (with 1 quartering) to Richard Eyton, of Eyton, Ao. 1608, 7th in descent from Sir George Eyton, son of Humphrey Eyton, who was a younger brother of John (Sheriff 1394), and son of Peter, and 7th from Peter de Eyton, 1194, son of Robert de Eyton, temp. Hen. II. This Robert was the probable descendant of Warin, Chief Feoffee in Shropshire of William Pantulf, who held Eyton under the Norman Earl. The descendants of Robert bore the arms of Pantulf, Warin being probably a Cadet of the house of Pantulf." Shropshire Arms and Lineages, By Kittermaster, 1869, p. 25. Sir George likely married a daughter of Nicholas Sandford and Alice Boteler.

Sir Nicholas de Eyton (c1405-c1459) Sheriff of Salop in 1440 and 1449 m. Katherine, dau. of John Talbot, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury, per The Visitation of Shropshire, Taken in the Year 1623, Vol. 1, By Robert Treswell, Augustine Vincent, pp. 180-181. Willimus Yonge de Kenton miles William Yonge, Knt., of Caynton, Sheriff, 1492 m. Margaret filia Nich'l Eyton de Eyton in com. Salop, The Publications of the Harleian Society, Vol. 29, 1889, p. 518. In The Visitations of Shropshire, 1623, it is written, Nich’us Eyton de Eyton in co. Salop Sheriff, 1440 and 1449 m. Katherina filia Joh’is Talbott in com. Salop Earl of Salop. On, The Visitations of Essex by Hawley 1552; Hervey 1558; Cooke 1570, Sir Nicholas Eton of Etton in com. Salope, knight m. Katheran, da. to John Talbott Earle of Salope. Walter Barnfield of Paulmore in com. Devon married Ellen dau. of Nicho. Eyton of Wigmore Knight Sir Nicholas Etton of Wildmore by the Earls of Salop's dau. [Eyton super Wildmores]. Per, Visitation of Shropshire: Taken in the Year 1623 By Robert Tresswell, Edited by George Grazebrook and John Paul Rylands, p. 34. John Talbot m. Before 12 Mar 1407 Maud, 6th Baroness Furnivall, d. & h. of Thomas Neville, 5th Baron Furnivall.

Lewis de Eyton in com. Salop (c1447-c1514) m. Anna, dau. of John Savage and Katherine Stanley William Dodd of Cloverley married Anne, dau. of Lewis Etton ap Sir Nicholas Etton of Etton. The Visitation of Shropshire: Taken in the Year 1623 By Robert Tresswell, Edited by George Grazebrook.and John Paul Rylands, p. 164. Lewis Eyton, referred to from 1491, was in possession of the manor by 1506. He was dead by 1514 and was succeeded by his son Henry, who was lord in 1529 and died in 1537. Source: Eyton upon the Weald Moors: Manor and other estates, p. 139.

Henry de Eyton (c1485-1537) m. Jane, dau. of Thomas Cressett and Elizabeth Cornwall. Elizabeth is a direct descendant of King John Lackland of England and his mistress Joan (fitz Roy) de Valletort, dau. of Reginald fitz Roy de Dunstanville, Earl of Cornwall and Mabel fitz Richard and granddaughter of King Henry I of England and Lady Sybilla Corbet. Henry and Jane were the parents of William, Thomas, Lewis, Roger, Edmond, Fulk, John, Robert, Peter, Richard, Katherine and Nicholas. Henry died in 1537 and surprisingly, none of his sons were named his heir. The manor passed to Henry's grandson and heir Thomas Eyton in 1537, who held it until his death in 1582, when his son Robert obtained livery. Source: Eyton upon the Weald Moors: Manor and other estates, p. 139. It appears Henry de Eyton may have provided for his children in another manner, possibly with estates and income to their satisfaction. In 1242 the Manor of Creswell was listed as one knight's fee held by Thomas de Creswell of the barony of Wem.

William de Eaton (c1515-c1560) William de Eaton was shown as s.p. or "without issue" by Hawley in 1541, and was still living at the time of his father's death in 1537, otherwise the visitation would say d.s.p. His father Henry may have provided for William in another way, such as holdings in Dover. This line continued in Dover as proven by the Eyton arms on display by this family.

William de Eaton (c1542-24 Oct 1581-proved 1 Jan 1582) m. Jane dau. of Thomas Hussey and Bridget Bowes William was a wealthy merchant of Dover, and is the William Eaton shown on the Visitation by Hawley. His widow was Jane [Hussey], will dated 27 Aug 1584, probated 29 Dec 1584, in which she names her eldest son William and sons John, Peter, and Nicholas "then un der age." She writes, "they shall be kept for one year more in France to learn the French tongue, and shall afterwards be put to some science or occupation" She mentions "my other children," and her son-in-law, Jacques [James] Huggenson, sole executor, giving him directions for the education of her sons, John, Peter and Nicholas, and her eldest son William. We later find that her daughter Barbara Allen administered her father's estate a few months after her mother's death instead of James. She left instructions to be buried in the churchyard of St. James, at Dover, England, where the family lived. New England Families, Genealogical and Memorial, Vol. 3, edited by William Richard Cuter, page 1403. Thomas Hussey was born at Dover, Kent, England Abt 1516, his parents were Giles Hussey and Jane Pigot. The Husseys had been seated at Albright Husse as early as 1165, in which year Walter Ilosatus, or de Hose, was holding a knight's fee under the Fitz Alans. William Fitz Alan granted the advowson to the Canons of Haughmond in 1155, Transactions of The Shropshire Archaeological and Natural History Society Established 1877 3rd Series, Vol., III, 1903. Sir Henry Hussey was MP for Sussex he married his wife Margaret before 1387 and was Knighted before March 1387. His Mother was his father's second wife Ankaret le Strange who was the Great Grand Daughter of King Edward lll. The family of le Strange was linked with that of Alan FitzFlaad in the twelfth century. H. Le Strange Records, London 1916, pp. 5-11. In March 1276, one Roger de Eyton ... sat on the Inquest-postmortem of John le Strange, Antiquities of Shropshire - Vol. 10, p. 307. Christopher Pedwardine, of Brompton, Salop, succeeded, ... and Thomas Daniel, a Lancastrian, next possessed it together with the advowson of the church, but forfeited it on his attainder in 1464; when it was granted to Sir William Hussey. Then for the last time we hear of the name of Pedwardine in connexion with Burton, when Sir Walter Pedwardine paid his relief for the whole barony of Darcy, and for the lands of Elizabeth, late wife of Sir William Hussey, including the manor of Burton. Sleaford, and the wapentakes of Flaxwell and Aswardhurn, By Edward Trollope (bp. of Nottingham) p. 346. John Hussey, 1st Baron Hussey of Sleaford (1465/1466 – 1536/1537) was Chief Butler of England from 1521 until his death. He was a member of the House of Lords, and a Chamberlain to King Henry VIII's daughter, Mary I of England. After his execution, Hussey's home in Sleaford, as well as his other estates were confiscated by the crown. His children were restored to Parliament in 1563 during the reign of Queen Elizabeth, but Hussey's title was forfeited, and the estates were not returned. Hussey married 1) Margaret Blount in 1490 at Mangotsfield, by whom he had 3 sons: Sir William Hussey, Knt (c1492), Thomas Hussey (c1495), Gilbert Hussey (c1497). About 1509, he m. Lady Anne Grey (c1490, Denbigh – c1546), dau of George Grey, 2nd Earl of Kent by his 2nd wife, Catherine Herbert. Children: Sir Giles Hussey (born 1505) m. Jane Pigot; Joan Hussey, wife of Sir Roger Forster; Elizabeth Hussey, 2nd wife of Sir Robert Throckmorton of Coughton, Warwickshire; Bridget Hussey (c1526 - c1600), m. Sir Richard Morrison of Cashiobury, Hertfordshire; Anne Hussey, m. Sir Humphrey Browne, Justice of the Common Pleas, 1st Baronet; Dorothy Hussey; Mary Hussey; William Hussey.

Children of William Eaton and Jane Hussey m. about 1562 likely in St. James, Dover, Kent, England: 1. Joyce Eaton, born about 1563, married Jacques "James" Huggenson about 1581 likely in Dover, Kent, England. 2. Barbara Eaton, born about 1565 married 1) ____ Allen about 1583 likely in Dover, Kent, England. 3. William Eaton, son and heir, born abt 1567; thought to have married 1) Joane Hawkes 2) Annys Brett, 4. John Eaton, born about 1569 in Dover, Kent, England, no further information. 5. Peter Eaton, born about 1570; m. 23 Jan 1603/4, Elizabeth wid. of Patteson, marriage license is recorded at Canterbury, married at St. Mary's, Dover. Their son, William Eaton, sailed on the ship "Hercules" in 1637 to settle in the MA Bay Colony. 6. Nicholas Eaton born about 1572 m. 1) Katherine Master on 2 Nov 1596 and 2) Joan Tidderman on 26 Jul 1626.

William Eaton, merchant, settled at Dover, Kent, one of the Cinque Ports, and the chief port of entry from the Continent. He owned houses at Dunkirk, in Flanders, and the Spanish Netherlands [now Belgium]. The port of Dover, situated on the English Channel, was an area through which almost all shipping passed. In 1580, Sir Walter Raleigh petitioned to Queen Elizabeth the importance of Dover. “In the whole circuit your Majesty's famous Island, there is not any one [port] either in respect of security and defense, or traffick or intercourse, more convenient, needful, or rather of necessity to be regarded, tha[n] this of Dover, situate on a promintory next fronting a puissant foreign king [France], and in the very straight passage and intercourse of almost all the shipping of Christendon.”

The will of William Etton was dated 24 October 1581 and proved 1 January 1582. A marginal note showes his inventory totaled £52.17.4. An Inventid made and taken the xviiith daie of december 1581 of the goods chattells which were William Eatons of Dover mrchant deceased praysed by Thomas Middleton and William Rere Appraysers appoynted for the same. He desired to be buried within the church of St. James, Dover.

In the name of God Amen The xxiiii day of the monthe of October in the yere of or lord god 1581 I William Etton of the Towne and Porte of Dover merchaunt being in whole and perfect remembraunce laud and prayse be geven to god do ordayne and make this my last will and Testament in maner and forme following fyrst I comende my Soule to Almightie god as yt be do become every Christen man And my bodye to the earthe to be buryed in St Jeames Churche or in the pishe where I nowe dwell when I do departe this world at the discretion of my wyfe and executors, Itm I geve to the pore people of the pishe wher I shalbe buryed. To be geven and distributed unto the pore at the day of my buryall by my executors. Itm I geve and bequeathe to my eldest daughter Josen Etton the som of ten poundes starling. Itm I geve and bequeathe to my other sonnes that is to saye William, John, Peter and Nicholas Etton to every one of them the Som of xxvii. Starling Itm I do geve to my other daughter Barbaraw Etton the Som of xxvli. Starling and the somes of mony to be paid unto them when they do come to the age of xxi yeres and not before and yf that any of them do happen to dye or they do come to that age Then I will all suche money or goodes as he shoulde have had when he came nto age that his parte shal be distributed among the other v children eyther of them his equall porcon. And as for all suche plate and other as lynne beding bedsteds cobbarde tapestrye wt cushens pillows wt tyn and brasse withall other ymplements my will is that they shalbe preysed by two indifferent men And the one halfe therof to Remayne to the behalf of my wife furder I do will and bequeathe all my houses and Tenenements that I have standing in the Towne of Dunkirk and without the Towne that my wyfe shall have the one half therof and my children the other half amongest them according to the use and custome of that country furder it is my will that my wyfe have and enioye all that my Ten and houses with the money of the said children till suche tyme as they do come to age And that my wyfe shall have the bringing up of my said children in good and goodly learning according to the discretion of my executors furder it is my will that if my wyfe do marrye agayne that then she hsall with her husbande put in suretyes to the mayor and Juratts of Dovor that she and her husbande that then shalbe ther executors or assignes shall justly and truly observe peforme delyver paye and accomplishe all and all maner of my said legacyes and bequeathes in forme aforesaid according to the true meaning hereof furder I will and bequeathe all suche quarter & half quarter of the lyme kyle that I and Mr Michell have together wt Anthony Van Dene standing in Mr Lucas yarde at the peare that my wyfe shall kepe that and ever enioye the same towards the keping of her houses and children that be now unmaryed And that she shall kepe the same burning wt Mr Michell so long as they do kep so profyte theron In witnes wherof I have written this with myne owne hand and have set to my Seale the day and yere above written furder I do make my wyfe my executrix And I do make to be Overseers hereof Edmund Michell Thomas Bradegate and Thomas Watson to whom I do geve to every one of the said Overseers for ther paynes the Som of xxs starling and this is my last will and Testament In witnes as above written I have set my hand and Seale the xxiiii of October 1581 By me William Etton thelder / Witnes hereof Thomas Watson Edmund Michell.

On the Hussey Pedigree (Lincolnshire Pedigrees, Vol. 51, By Arthur Staunton Larkin, p. 527), Jane Hussey is not listed among the children of Thomas Hussey and Bridget Bowes. Ony three children are listed for them: John, George and Elizabeth. The following sources show Jane Hussey as their daughter. It does seem reasonable for there to be a daughter Jane who was named after his mother Jane Pigot.

1. History Genealogical and Biographical of the Eaton Families by Nellie Zada Rice Molyneux. 1911, p. 101-104, 273; 2. New England Families, Genealogical and Memorial: Vol. 4, 1913, Edited by William Richard Cutter, p.1942; 3. American Biography, A New Cyclopedia, Volume 5, By William Richard Cutter, 1919, p. 78. 4. Eaton and Allied Families, Grace Ann (Ball) Dow. Pub 1943 (NEHGR lending library) p. 67; 5. New England Marriages Prior to 1700, by Clarence Almon Torrey., 3rd Supplement, p. 64.

Jane’s great great grandfather [Sir William Hussey, knt] m. Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Berkeley, Esq., of Wymondham, co. Leicester, and Dugdale (Orig. Jurid., p. 302, 309) describes his arms as remaining in his time in the windows both of the Hall and Chapel of Gray's Inn; the former, Quarterly, 1 and 4, Or, a Cross, Vert; 2 and 3 Barry of 6, Erm. and Gules, History of the Manor and Township of Doddington, By Robert Eden George Cole, p. 71. Elizabeth (Hussey) Stydolf, daughter, of Thomas Hussey and Bridget Bowes, (Jane’s parents), shows “Stydolf Arms: Quarterly of four: 1. Argent, on a chief sable two wolves' heads erased or, [Stydolf]; 2. Argent, a chevron azure bet. 3 eagles sable, [Wimbleton]; 3. Barry of six ermine and gules, [Hussey]; 4. Or, a cross vert, a mullet argent for difference, [Hussey].

The Visitations of the County of Surrey, Vol. 43, By Thomas Benolt, etc., page 42, shows the Dover, Kent monument to the memory of, "Sir Peter, was son of Capt. Nicholas Eaton of this town, who died April 16, 1667, as appears by his scutcheon, over the communion table. Arms, Or, a fret sable, quartering, Barry of six, Erm. and Gules, (the arms of Hussey) impaling Gibbon, fab. a lion rampt. gardt. or, betw. 3 escallops, ar quartering Gu. a cross betw. 4 swords erect ar, pomell'd and hilted, or, a crescent for difference, Philipot.” The topographer: containing a variety of original articles, Vol. 1, edited by Sir Egerton Brydges, page 80.

Nicholas Eaton, born Abt. 1575 in Dover, Kent, England; died 21 Mar 1636/37 in St Mary's, Dover, Kent, England (buried); married 1) Katherine Master or Marston 2 Nov 1596 in Dover, Kent, England; married 2) Joan Tiddeman 26 Jul 1626; born 3 Aug 1578 in (bapt) Dover, Kent, England; died Bet. 6 Dec 1636 - 21 Mar 1636/37 in (buried) St Mary's Dover, Kent, England. Nicholas Eaton, who was Mayor in the years 1617, 1630 and 1631, was a wealthy merchant.

Children of Nicholas Eaton and Katherine Master or Marston married 2 Nov 1596 in Dover, Kent, England:

1. Katherine / Catherine Eaton / Iten b. Abt. Sep 1597, [married at age 16] to Peter Ware b. Abt. 1588, [married at age 25] on 8 Jun 1613 in Tenterden, Kent, England. Catheine Eaton is included as the daughter of Nicholas Eaton and Katherine based on the overwhelming interactions between these two families. Sources for their marriage: 1) Tenterden Kent Marriages 1597-1894, By Peter Smith, and 2) England Marriages, 1538 - 1973, LDS Project: 102150-7 Film: 1737094. Both show Peter Ware and Catherine Iten [Eaton] married on 8 Jun 1613 in Tenterden, Kent, England. There was an examination before Nathaniel Bacon of William Eaton before Henry Lord Cromwell on July 20, 1580. Peter Ware IV sells land in Queen’s Creek, Hampton Parish, York Co., VA to Nathaniel Bacon in which he identified the land as having belonged to his father, "Peter Ware". This Nathaniel Bacon was cousin of the Nathaniel Bacon of Bacon's Rebellion. In Early records of the town of Dedham, Mass. By Carlos Slafter, we find Samuel Bacon, Thomas Eaton, Robert Ware and Comfort Starr on a 1695 tax list side by side. The list was compiled by Comfort Starr, Constable of Dedham, to "collect taxes to defray the towns debt on 16 Dec 1695." Peter and Catherine's son Robert Ware of Dedham was born about 1625. In 1693, Valentine Ware, Sr. (believed to be the spouse of Mary Dudley, daughter of William Dudley and Elizabeth Cary), was appointed executor of the will of Hon./Col. Nathaniel Bacon, son of Rev. James Bacon, Rector of Burgate Suffolk, England, and grandson of Sir James Bacon. Nathaniel, who died without issue, had been both acting Gov. of Virginia and President of the King's Council. Nathaniel Bacon's estate was quite extensive, owning property in both Virginia and England, and would have been a difficult task to administer for the most experienced. His estate was originally intended for his cousin, Nathaniel Bacon the rebel, but his cousin's untimely death in 1676, dictated he leave his estate to his niece, Abigail Smith. Abigail married Major Lewis Burwell II, who provided bond for Valentine Ware while performing his duties as executor of Hon./Col. Nathaniel Bacon's estate. Children of Peter Ware and Catherine Eaton:

    a.  Peter Ware III (c1614 co. Kent, England-Bet 16 Sep 1657-10 Sep 1659 Hampton Parish, York Co. VA).  In 1647 Peter was an attorney for Robert Lewis in York Co., VA.  In 1675, Peter Ware IV sells land in Queen’s Creek, Hampton  Parish, York Co., VA to Nathaniel Bacon in which he identified the land as having belonged to his father, "Peter Ware". Mary Hickes was identified in a 1659 Orphan’s Court document as the widow of Peter Ware, from this document it appears Mary Hickes maintained her maiden name, which was an old Welsh custom, and was likely of Welsh descent.  
    b.  Thomas Ware (c1617 co. Kent, England-Aft 1651 New Kent Co., VA). Annapolis Land Records, Thomas Warr in 1651, sells to James Knott, Gent., of Virginia, 200 acres of land which he describes as "the equal half of my plantation which I now live upon at Mattaponys." Side-lights on Maryland history By Hester (Dorsey) Richardson p. 384. Annapolis Wills, shows James Knott, of Nansemond, in Virginia, dated 4 Sep 1651 was witnessed by George White.  Nicholas Ware [spouse of Anne Vassall], at age 21, was a headright for Rev. George White for Lower Norfolk Co., Virginia in 1648.  
    c.  John Ware (c1619 co., Kent, England-Aft 1655 New Kent Co., VA)  On 11 Aug 1655, Francis Place conveyed 300 acres lying on the North side of the Rappahannock River about ten miles above Nazemum Town [later Isle of Wight] by deed of gift to "My daughter Mary Place when she arrives at 18 years," it was signed Fra. Place his mark. Witnesses were John Ware, Vin. Stanford, John Philips. Mary Place later married Thomas Powell and by 1666, they deeded this land to James Coghill. Thomas Powell's plantation joined John Garrett's in Isle of Wight.  In 1665 Patent Books extracts in the VA State Library (vol. 25, New Kent Co., p. 117), Edward Dennis and Samuel Mottershott acquired five hundred acres of land described as adjoining the land of Capt. Martin Palmer and Edward Diggs. On 6 Jun 1655 Edward Diggs Esq. sold John Hodson and John Garratt three hundred acres in New Kent on the Mattopony River bounded on the corner of Thomas Saunders and Arakeyaco / Arracaico Swamp.  
   d.  Robert Ware (c1625 co. Kent, England-19 Apr 1699 Dedham, MA) m. Margaret Hunt (c1624-26 Aug 1670 Dedham, MA) Margaret was d/o John Hunt and Hester Seaborne. In Early records of the town of Dedham, MA. By Carlos Slafter, we find Samuel Bacon, Thomas Eaton, Robert Ware and Comfort Starr on a 1695 tax list side by side. Comfort arrived with the early settlers of Scituate, Plymouth Colony.  The earliest date the name Robert Ware occurs in Dedham records is 25 Nov 1642, "Robert Weares is Admitted to the purchase of Thomas Eames his house lott and three acres of land."  In 1662 John Eaton and Robert Ware are listed together on a list of petitioners in Dedham, MA.  "Robert Ware the Aged" died at age 74 in Dedham, 19 Apr 1699.    
   e.  Nicholas Ware (c1627 co. Kent, England-1663 Rappahannock Co., VA) m. Anne Vassall (c1629 England-Aft 1663 in VA or Barbados). She was the d/o William Vassall and Anne King who were early settlers of Scituate in the Plymouth Colony and later moved to Barbados. At age 21, Nicholas Ware was a headright for Rev. George White for Lower Norfolk Co., VA in 1648. They had sons Nicholas and John who settled in Barbados. 

2. John Eaton, Bap. 12 March 1599 in St. Mary the Virgin, Dover, Kent, England, d. bfr. 1611 3. William Eaton, Bap. 9 January 1602 in St. Mary the Virgin, Dover, Kent, England, d. 1608 4. Elizabeth Eaton, Bap. 10 February 1603 in St. Mary the Virgin, Dover, Kent, England, died young. 5. Jane Eaton, Bap. 28 March 1606 in St. Mary the Virgin, Dover, Kent, England 6. William Eaton, Bap. May 28, 1609 in St. Mary the Virgin, Dover, Kent, England, d. brf 1677, of Dover, Grocer, son of Nicholas Eaton, married Susan Witherden of Tenderden b. c1618, dau of John Witherden. Source: Eaton, William, of Dover, grocer, ba., about 25, son of Nicholas Eaton, s. p., merchant, who consents, and Susan Witherden of Tenterden, v., about 17, d. of John Witherden, s. p.,g., who also consents, as is testified by Thomas Witherden of Cant. g. At New Romney. July 7, 1635. 7. John Eaton, Bap. 21 Aug 1611 in St. Mary the Virgin, Dover, Kent, England, died 17 Nov 1658 Dedham, came to America from Dover, England, probably before 1636. After a time at Watertown he settled in Dedham, Mass., in 1637. Before leaving his native place he married, Apr. 5, 1630, a widow, Abigail Dammant (or Damon). Mary and John, their children were both christened in St. James, Church Dover, where the parents were married. Little John lived but a few months. In April 1635 Mistress Eaton and two children, a second son, Thomas having been born, embarked in the ship “Elizabeth and Ann,” bound for New England. It is probably that the husband came first to America. They were reunited in Watertown in 1636, when John took the freeman’s oath. An old Watertown record, date of 28-9-1637, tells that the town accepted John Eaton’s offer “to lay down unto the town either his Lott in ye Island or that six acres in ye playne be purchased of Raffe Shephearde.” Land held by him when he removed to Dedham he sold to Elder How. 8. Nicholas Eaton, Bap. 11 October 1612 in St. Mary the Virgin, Dover, Kent, England , s.p., merchant, son of Nicholas Eaton, married in Westcliff on 9 April 1638, Elizabeth Gibbon, of Westcliff b. c1619. Sources: 1) Eaton, Nicholas, of Dover, merchant, ba., about 25, son of Nicholas Eaton, late Jurate, dec., and Elizabeth Gibbon of Westcliff, d. of Matthew Gibbon, s.p.g., who consents. At Westcliff. April 9, 1638, 2) Canterbury Marriage Licenses, edited by Joseph Meadows Cowper, p. 15, 1894. Abstracts of Probate Acts in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Church of England. Province of Canterbury. Prerogative Court, ‎John Matthews, ‎George F. Matthews – 1911, Gibbon, Elizabeth, of (Pedlinge,) p. Saltwood, Kent, (widow). Will [160 Bowyer] pr. Oct. 21 by son-in-law NICHOLAS EATON (of Dover, merchant),"and daughter MARGARET GIBBON. GIBBONS [GIBBINS] , HENRY, of Strood, Kent. Will [133 Bowyer] pr. June 16 by son THOMAS.