Dark Family - Christmas 1924



  • Brussels Post, 14 Jan 1925 - Page 1
The Dark Family Re-union
10 Brothers and Sisters Assemble on
Christmas Day, Whose Combined
Years Total 671
On Christmas Day, at the home of William Dark, Alexander Street, Brussels, a most unique gathering was held and possibly beyond duplication in several features. It was a family Re-union, the first time in 35 years in which the members were able to meet together for such an occasion. It was a time long to be remembered, often dreamed of and delightful in its realization. As the large family surrounded the festive board and enjoyed true hospitality on the day of all days many a story was told and incident recited in the passing years from the days of childhood to the present.
The possibility of holding the reunion centred round the fact that 4 members from the Great West had been able to come to Brussals, viz., Mrs. Chas. Fox; Mrs. R. Gordon and George and James Dark, and with the 5 representatives living in Brussels locality, who are Mrs. Wm. Gordon, Miss Rebecca Dark, William, John and Robert Dark, it was not a difficult task to persuade Ben. Dark of Galt, to respond so as to complete the long coveted desire of the unbroken circle. It was a happy consummation, beyond and human probability of it ever being accomplished again in the bounds of time.
The names quoted are the 10 children of George Dark and Ann Furzman, who were married in Fullarton Township, Perth County, in 1847, and with 3 of the family these sturdy pioneers moved to the bush farm, Lot. 9, Con. 11, Grey township, about 3¾ miles from Brussels, and where they continued to live, enjoying the results of their early privations and combined industry, until they were beckoned to the Many Mansions. Mr. Dark answered the call July 18, 1891, aged 71 years and his partner followed July 18, 1897, aged also 71 years. Both were Devonshire folk coming from England in young manhood and womanhood, and leaving behind an evergreen memory. The other 7 children were born on the old homestead.
A remarkable and noteworthy fact is that although the eldest child is 76 years old and the youngest 57 and the number counting up to 10, thet have been spared through the flight of time to the period without one of the flock missing. Their total ages give 671 years. All are enjoying comparatively good health and were able to take a trip to Wingham and a photographic taken. As a family they have conducted themselves honorably so as to earn and enjoy the friendship and kindly regard of hundreds of old friends, who take much pleasure in extending congratulations and good wishes on the historic data they have been illustrating.
If the members of the family were "not so backward in coming forward" many an interesting chapter might be added to this sketch, drawn from the old home records and the happy continuance of the 10 links in this living chain.
The relatives are still here from the West enjoying the fellowship and social good times of many former friends and acquaintances. As a family they are specially gratefully that the reunion was possible under such favorable auspices.
There are 21 grandchildren and 20 great grandchildren in connection with the Dark families.
The following family history table shows the race suicide was not to be feared in those long ago days when good big families were fashionable:
Family Register --- born ---  Age
Rebecca         Sept 25 1848   76
Mary            Dec. 31 1849   75
George          Nov. 20 1851   73
William         Apr. 19 1854   70
John            Sept 20 1856   68
James           July  8 1858   66
Robert          Apr. 18 1860   64
Fannie          June 14 1862   62
Clara           May  20 1864   60
Benj.           Oct. 19 1867   57
                Total years   671

  • Brussels Post, 25 Mar 1925 - Page 4
A unique gathering took place recently in Brussels, when the 10 sons and daughters of the late George and Mrs. Dark, of this district, held a reunion, the first time they had all been together in 35 years.
A remarkable fact is that the eldest child is 76 and the youngest 57, the entire family are John, Brussels; Robert, Brussels; James, in the West; Ben, Galt; William, Brussels;

George, in the West; Mrs. William Gordon, Brussels; Miss Rebecca Dark, Brussels; Mrs Charles Fox, Manitoba; and Mrs R. Gordon, Melfort, Sask.

  • Brussels Post, 1933
Ten children, all living, and the combined age standing at 755 years. That is the unusual, indeed remarkable record of the Dark family. Five of whom reside in Brussels. The oldest member of the family is in her 85th year and the youngest in his 66th. Benjamin, the last son born, is as old as Confederation, having been born in the year 1867.
They are the children of George Dark and Ann Furzman, highly respected and worthy representative of the pioneers who so well laid the foundation of this country. The average Canadian thinks of Confederation as something that took place many years ago; it is regarded as a matter of history to which the children now look back and study in school. And yet the eldest member of the Dark family was 19 years of age at the time the makers of Confederation decided to bring to accomplishment the welding together of the various portions of what is now the dominion of Canada.
During their life they have witnessed as great a change in the manner of living as has fallen to the lot of new folk. Within their lives they have seen agricultural life change from a calling which employed crude implements to one which is highly specialized and carried on by machinery. They have seen electricity, autos, radios, telephones, railway lines and all such things that come in their day.
It was some forty three years ago that the family commenced to separate, and since that time they have been together only once, and that was eight years ago. The possibility of the holding of a reunion at that time centered around the fact that four members of the family in the West had been able to come to Brussels for Christmas, viz, Mrs. Chas, Fox, Mrs. R. Gordon, Geo. and Jas. Dark. Once they had assembled with the five living here, it was not difficult to get Ben Dark from Galt to come and join the group.
Seven of the family were born on lot 9, concession 11 of Grey Township, and the other three were born in Fullerton Township. Brussels is now proud of the fact that five of the wonderful family reside within its limits. While living on the 11 con. they attended the Methodist Church in Cranbrook, and after moving to Brussels, they worshipped in the old Methodist church here.
All are enjoying comparatively good health, with the exception of Rob., who has been confined to bed for the past two months with a troublesome heart. As a family they have conducted themselves honorably, in order that they might earn and enjoy the friendship and kindly regards of their hundreds of friends, who heartily congratulate them on the historic data which they have been illustrating.
There are 21 grandchildren and 20 great grandchildren in connection with the Dark family.
The following table gives the names and ages of the members.
Family Register --- born ---  Age
Rebecca         Sept 25 1848   84
Mary            Dec. 31 1849   83
George          Nov. 20 1851   81
William         Apr. 19 1854   79
John            Sept 20 1856   77
James           July  8 1858   75
Robert          Apr. 18 1860   73
Fannie          June 14 1862   70
Clara           May  20 1864   68
Benjamin        Oct. 19 1867   65
                Total years   755