Dankbaarheid, arrival 4 Jun 1847

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1847 - 1847

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  • Note:
  • The ships name is Dankbaarheid instead of Dank Caasliest
  • There is no proof there was a ship with this name at that time.
  • However a ship named "Dankbaarheid" master W. Postma left Rotterdam early April and arrived in New York on the 4th of June 1847

Edited from: [1]
The bark “Dank Caasliest (Dankbaarheid)” was a 345 ton sailboat which came to New York from Rotterdam on June 4, 1847.
The “Dank Caasliest (Dankbaarheid)” carried mostly Dutch speaking Germans, many of whom settled in Graafschap, Michigan.
Captain of the ship was W.Postma.
Original work done by Ed Prins, Retyped and put on to the internet by Luann De Vries
Original shipslist: [2]

Passenger List

Bark Dankbaarheid (also known as "Dank Caasliest"?)
345 ton
W. Postma
11 april 1847 Hellevoetssluis
Port of Origin
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Jun 4 1847
Port of Arrival
New York, United States

Name Sex Age Occupation From From From
K.Brumelkuys F24
A.J.Kroes M26Mechanic
Johanna GrevenstuckF23
J.F.Beckman M23Mechanic
Telle (Brinkman) BeckmanF25
 ?..Beckman F3
Albert H.Vredeveld M52FarmerBeilenDrentheNetherlands
A.L.Oosting Vredeveld F53BeilenDrentheNetherlands
G.Alberts Vredeveld M28BeilenDrentheNetherlands
Lucas Alberts VredeveldM25BeilenDrentheNetherlands
G.Alberts Vredeveld F20BeilenDrentheNetherlands
Henry Alberts VredeveldM18BeilenDrentheNetherlands
Barteld Alberts Vredeveld M14BeilenDrentheNetherlands
Albert Alberts Vredeveld M7BeilenDrentheNetherlands
Geert Alberts Vredeveld M10BeilenDrentheNetherlands
W.H.Gerding F56Farmer
H.H.ten Have M30Farmer
K.H. Boer M30MechanicBeilenDrentheNetherlands
W.H.Ten HaveF27BeilenDrentheNetherlands
Jane H.Ten Have F16BeilenDrentheNetherlands
M.H.Ten HaveF3BeilenDrentheNetherlands
J.W.Kruid M51MechanicBeilenDrentheNetherlands
F.W.Kruid M?54MechanicBeilenDrentheNetherlands
A.T.Kruid M31MechanicBeilenDrentheNetherlands
H.J.Kruid M27MechanicBeilenDrentheNetherlands
L.Van Nuil M27BeilenDrentheNetherlands
W.J.KruidF23 BeilenDrentheNetherlands
H.Schoeling M16BeilenDrentheNetherlands
Lucas ElbertsM23Mechanic
G.J.Kleefman M27
D.A.Van Neck? M46Mechanic
Gerritje Vetts F47
Meintje Drachte F16
Jansje Liesveld F24
Dientje Liesveld F22
N.Landaal F18
Dirk Gerritsen M30Mechanic
Hendrika Bangeis Gerritsen F30
Dirkje Gerritsen F10
Jacob Gerritsen M1
H.Gerritsen M1
J.A.Hoekstra M40Farmer
L.J.Raatsma Hoekstra F39
Anna J. Hoekstra F25
H.E. de Witt M20
J.A.Hoekstra M6
E.A.Hoekstra M5
Lucas Mulder M48Farmer
J.Mulder M16
W.Mulder M13
H.Mulder M10
M.Van Goon M40Farmer
B.Van Beek Van Goon F32
H.Van Goon M2
Jan Buitenhuis M49Farmer
L.Buitenhuids M47Farmer
R.B.Buitenhuis M37Farmer
William Jan Van Appledorn M43Farmer
Jan Van Appledorn M1
J.Landall M24Mechanic
Herm Nykamp M32
Hendrik Kleiman M26MechanicGraafschapBentheim
Zwantje de Groot Kleiman F19GraafschapBentheim
Johan C. Vanwesel M45Farmer
Lutje Klaver F44
Johannes Brummelkamp M42
Antonie Andre Brummelkamp F34
J.W.Brummelkamp F19
Johannes Brummelkamp M10
P.J.Brummelkamp M8
J.R.Hovinga M37Farmer
J.Fokes M40Farmer
Trijntje Bosch Fokes F33
G.J.Fokes M11
Wilhelm Fokes F9
Gerardus Fokes M6
Berendina Fokes F2
L.Speelpenning M40Farmer
W.Bie(j)telaar SpeelpenningF42
Maartje Speelpenning F9
W.Lagewig M52Farmer
Elizabeth Dingeler Lagewig F44
Willempje Lagewig F24
Jan Lagewig M14
Jandsje Lagewig F11
Geertru Lagewig F9
Wilhelmina Lagewig F8
Akna Lagewig F4
G.Rauch M36Farmer
Catherine Rauch F26
Fredrika Rauch F3
G.Klein M32Farmer
Catherine Klein F33
Carl Klein M2
E.L.Vellmer M18Mechanic
J.F.Vellmer M17Mechanic
Carl Steppe M19Mechanic
F.Steppe F21
J.Martinie M25
Wilhelmina Martinie F25
C.A.Walthar M35Mechanic
Rosina Walthar F32
Phillippine Walthar F3
Martin Walthar M9mos.
F.Van Zelst M40Mechanic
C.De Regt M33Mechanic
Matje De Regt F32
Cornelis De Regt M2
Adam Brohm M52Mechanic
G.A.Lenz M27Mechanic
A.Stoll M22Mechanic
H.Grootvelderman M47Mechanic
H.W.Dierker M32Mechanic
Fenna Mienker F18
W.H.Nordholt M30Mechanic
Jan Pot M33Mechanic
Henddrik Ten Bres M36Mechanic
Gesina Ten Bres F33
Bernard Ten Bres M6
Anton Ten Bred M3
Wilhelmina Even F?30
J.K.Yheer? M28Mechanic
Gedsina Dirk F30
Maria Holsher F68
R.J.Schuring F33Nieuwe PekelaGroningen
Altje K. Wildeboer F13
Jurrien Wildeboer M11
Marinus Wildeboer M9
Jacob Wildeboer M7
Geesje Wildeboer F6
Klaas Wildeboer M4