Barton in Barton Ridge, Summers, West Virginia, United States

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Barton Ridge, Summers, West Virginia, United States
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1786 - 1946

Bartons of Barton Ridge

It is family tradition that the Barton family came to the United States from England.

James Barton came from Bedford County, Virginia, to the Forest Hill area of Summers County (now in West Virginia) some time before 1838. He bought land on what was later know as Barton Ridge. Seventy-five acres of the land was granted by patent from the Governor of the Commonwelth of Virginia on March 1, 1810; eighty acres was purchased from Frances Farley, who recieved his grant October 15, 1786. This latter grant was signed by Patrick Henry, orator and Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. For eight generations the Barton family grew and contributed to Summers County.

They were farmers, carpenters, cabinetmakers, merchants, school teachers and much more.

Most of the family were members of the New River Primitive Baptist Church and held strong religious belief.

They held records for the size and amounts of their crops per acre. Also, the Ginnis record for potato length.

Family members held County and State academic achievements records.

Beautiful hand made furniture is still in use in the family that is over 120 years old because of the beauty and strength it has.

At his death Allen, James's Great grandson, willed three farms and three businesses to his 6 children.

Bartons continued to reside on Barton Ridge until the Federal government purchased that land during construction of the Bluestone Dam. After the water filled the valley and came up to the top of the ridge all that was left to see of the house was the pike of the roof, and the only land you could stand on was the cemetery on the top of the ridge. State Park

The Barton Cemetery is still on the top of Barton Ridge a neglected reminder of the Bartons who worked, loved, grew and died there. The last Barton to own the Barton Ridge farm was placed there in December 1987. The Bartons don't often go to the hill top but you can hear the love they feel in their voices when they talk about the Barton Ridge and the past spent on the ridge.---Sandralpond 13:33, 11 February 2011 (EST)

The Barton Cemetery is listed on the West Virginia Cemetery Preservation Association, Inc., Under Summers County, to be in the Forest Hill District, the Pipestem USGA Quad, at latitude 37.5548ºN, and longitude 80.8789ºW. Virginia Cemetery Preservation AssociationSandralpond 19:40, 26 March 2011 (EDT)

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