Analysis. Error rate in transcriptions of Madison, Kentucky Willis Marriage Records

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This is one of a series of studies of the accuracy of published transcriptions of genealogical data.
It was developed as part of the The Tapestry Project. See Index for a list of related articles.


Intermediate Sources:

Ancestry based onEllsberry, Elizabeth Prather, comp. Marriage Records for Madison County, Kentucky Volumes I-VI, 1790-1843. Chillicothe, MO, USA: Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry, c1965. Extracted 17 march 2010 by Q 18:59, 16 March 2011 (EDT)
Rootsweb 1782-1844 MARRIAGE RECORDS OF MADISON COUNTY, KENTUCKY (Transcribed and indexed alphabetically by Charlotte Ramsey) Extracted 13 March 2011 Q 21:33, 13 March 2011 (EDT)


The above abstractions of Madison County marriage records have been transcribed at the following locations on this site:

Data. Marriage Records for Willis in Madison, KY, 1790-1843 (Ancestry)
Data. Marriage Records for Willis in Madison, KY, 1782-1844 (Rootsweb)

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Error Types


Abstracts of early marriage records for Madison County Kentucky are available in at least two locations on the web, as noted above under sources. The Rootsweb version of these abstacts covers the period from 1782 to 1844, while the Ancestry version covers 1790 to 1843. This presents an opportunity to compare the accuracy of the abstraction process as it appears on the web. The Ancestry version of the abstracts makes use of a "double entry" system in which the marriage data was entered twice, once under the Bride's name, and once under the Groom's name. The entries appear to have been done separately, and gives an additional opportunity to examine abstraction error rate. In the following only a small subset of data available in these abstracts has been examined. Specifically, only the "Willis" marriages were examined. While the two sources record information for slightly different periods of time, the Willis marriages that they individual show cover the period from 1790 to 1830. This range in dates is common to the Willis marriages in both sources, so the results should, in theory, be comparable.