A comparison of Signatory Lists for the Call to Rev. Cummings

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This is one of a series of studies of the accuracy of published transcriptions of genealogical data.
It was developed as part of the The Tapestry Project. See Index for a list of related articles.


See: Ebbing Springs Call For a full explanation. Briefly, the Call to Reverend Cummings from the Ebbing Springs Sinking Springs congregation, was made in 1773. A transcription of the list of signatories appears in three places.

A) a posting on the Teter Family Genforum,
B) Summers, 1903, and
C) Summers, 1929.

Each list includes names not found on the other lists. The following table compares the signatory lists. The electronic version in the Teter Family GenForum was used as the starting point, and names in the other lists marked or added as need be. Parenthesis denotes differences in spelling.


Signatory Teter Family Genforum Source:Summers 1903:139 Source:Summers, 1929:1354
Christopher Acklin X x x
George Adams X X x
Thomas Baker X x x
Thomas Bayley X x (Bailey) x (Bailey)
Wm. Beats X X (Bates) X (Bates)
David Beaty X x
John Beaty X x
Samuel Bell X x x
James Berry X x
James Berry X
John Berry X x X
Thomas Berry X x X
William Berry X x x
Wm. Berry X x x
Joseph Black X x x
Arthur Blackburn X x x
George Blackburn X x X
William Blackburn X x X
Wm. Blanton X x x
John Boyd X x x
Alexander Breckinridge X x (Breckenridge) x (Breckenridge)
Samuel Briggs X x x
Nicholas Brodeston X x (Brobston)
George Buchanan X x x
Moses Buchanan X x x
Robert Buchanan X x x
Samuel Buchanan X x X
Samuel Buchanan X X x
Robert Jr. Buchanan, X x
John Campbell. X x x
Henry Cardwell X
David Carjon X X (Carson) X (Carson)
John Casey X x X
Stephen Cawood X x
Wm. Christian X x x
George Clark X x x
Andrew Colville X x x
David Craig X x x
James Craig X x
Joseph Craig X
Robert Craig X x x
Henry Creswell X X
John Cuzeck X x (Cusick) x (Cusick)
John Davis X X x
Nathaniel Davis X x x
Wm. Davison X X (Davidson) X (Davidson)
Robert Denniston X x x
James Dorchester X X x
Jonathan Douglas X x x
David Dryden X x x
James Dysart X x x (Dyzart)
Robert Edminston X X (Edmiston) X (Edmiston)
John Edmiston X X
Margaret Edmiston X x x
Samuel Edmiston X
Thomas Edmiston X x
Wm. Edmiston X x x
Wm. Edmiston X x
James English X X (Inglish) X (Inglish)
Samuel Evans X x x
Thomas Evans X x x
John Sr. Frankhouser, X x (Funkhouser) x (Funkhouser)
John Jr. Frankhouser, X x (Funkhouser) x (Funkhouser)
James Fulkerson X X X
Christopher Funkhouser X x x
Joseph Gamble X X
Josiah Gamble X
Robert Gamble X x x
James Garvell X
David Gatewood X x (Getgood) x (Getgood)
James Gilmore X x x
James Gower X
John Groce X x x
Michael Halfacre X x
James Harrold X x x
Richard Heggons X x
Samuel Hendrey X x X
John Hunt X x X
Samuel Huston X X (Houston) X (Houston)
Edward Jamison X x
Hugh Johnson X x X
Stephen Jordan X x X
John Kelley X x
John Kennerdy X x (Kennedy) x (Kennedy)
Wm. Kennerdy X x (Kennedy) x (Kennedy)
Andrew Kincannon X x x
Frances Kincannon X x (Francis Kincannon) x (Francis Kincannon)
James Kincannon X X x
Robert Kirkman X x (Kirkham) x (Kirkham)
Robert Lamb X x x
John Laster X x (Lester)
Joseph Laster X x (Lester) x (Lester)
Wm. Laster X x (Lester) x (Lester)
Andrew Leiper X x (Leeper) x (Leeper)
Benjamin Logan X x X
John Long X x X
John Lowery X x (Lowry) x (Lowry)
Wm. Maguaghy X x (McGauhey) X (McGughey)
Wm. Marlor X x
Andrew Martin X x x
Daniel McCarmack X x (McCormick) x (McCormick)
Halbert McClure X x x
John McCutcher X x (McCuthen)
Andrew McFerrin X x (McFerran) x (McFerran)
Alexander McLaughlin X X (Laughlin) X (Laughlin)
Wm. McMillan X x (McMillin) x (McMillin)
John McNabb X x x
Wm. McNabb X x x
Alexander McNutt X x
Andrew Miller X X X
Wm. Miller X x X
James Montgomery X X
Thomas Montgomery X x x
Richard More X x (Moore) x (Moore)
James Moulden X x (Molden) x (Molden)
Samuel Newell X x x
John Patterson X x X
Edward Pharis X x X
James Piper X x x
Wm. Poagee X x (Poage) x (Poage)
Martin Prewitt X x (Pruitt) x (Pruitt)
Wm. Prewitt X x (Pruitt)
Thomas Rafferty X x x
Thomas Ramsey X x x
John Robinson X x x
John Sharp X x x
Thomas Sharp X x X
David Snodgrass X x x
Joseph Snodgrass X x x
George Teetor X x (Teator)
James Thompson X x x
Robert Topp X x X
James Trimble X x
Robert Trimble X x X
John Vance X x X
Joseph Vance X x x
Augustas Webb X X (Augustus Webb) X (Augustus Webb)
Samuel White X
Westley White X X (Wesley White) X (Wesley White)
David Wilson X x X
Samuel Wilson X x x
James Young X x x
Wm. Young X x
Total 136 136 117