1st Ohio Heavy Artillery, Company B


Mustered in (as Company B, 117th Ohio Volunteer Infantry), 14 September 1862 at Camp Portsmouth, Ohio by S. Beall, U.S.A. Mustering Officer. Mustered out 25 July 1865 at Knoxville, Tennessee by Thomas McDermott, Captain U.S.V, 1st Cavalry, Division D.C. The original captain of Company B was William C. Hays, who resigned 1 December 1863. He was replaced by John C. Morgan, who remained captain until the company mustered out.

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Acord, James M.
Anderson, William. Also in Companies C and G
Andrews, Wolaston
Barker, John M.
Bartley, David T., Sergeant.
Baum, John J.
Beck, Henry
Binley, Tobias (possible)
Bonham, Joseph F. M.
Bostick, Hezekiah
Boyer, George, Corporal.
Boyer, Henry C. Died in service.
Bramblet, Marshal, 2nd Lieutenant.
Brown, George R.
Burk, Madison
Burk, Morgan Ellsworth, Sergeant.
Burks, John M., Corporal.
Butler, Thomas R.
Cahill, Sylvester
Caldwell, James M.
Caldwell, Peter. Also in Company A.
Caldwell, William
Casebeer, Jacob
Casey, William
Cash, Abner
Chambers, Thomas J.
Chapman, Albert
Clark, John G., Corporal. Died in service.
Clark, Jonathan P., Musician.
Clark, Norman. Died before company mustered in.
Clark, Robert
Close, Jacob
Cory, Azro J.
Counts, William G. Sergeant.
Cox, Charles W., Sergeant.
Cox, David
Cox, James. Died in service.
Cox, William J. Died in service.
Crago, Samuel
Crow, James B.
Crow, John. Died in service.
Crow, William W., Artificer.
Currier, John H.
Currier, Schuyler M. Died in service.
Dailey, (Thomas) Jefferson, Corporal.
Darling, Robert
Dascomb, John, 1st Sergeant. Also in Company F.
Daugherty, Rufus
Davis, John D.
Decker, Ezra
Diehl, Henry
Dole, Henry S.
Dowes, Taylor
Downs, William H., Musician.
Dray, Samuel
Dymond, John. Corporal.
Ellington, Joel. Also in Company A.
Elliott, William S., Corporal.
English, Frank
Evans, James
Evans, Myron
Farris, Lewis, 2nd Lieutenant. Also in Company I.
Ford, Edward
French, Osborn
Gallaugher, James
Gallaugher, William
Gatchell, David J.
Gilbert, Elijah
Gilmore, Francis M.
Gorman, Alexander, Corporal.
Graybill, William
Griffis, James
Halderman, Adam. Died in service.
Harper, William
Harris, Jacob
Harris, James F.
Hawks, John
Hays, George L., 1st Lieutenant.
Hays, James B., Artificer. Died in service.
Hays, John. Died in service.
Hays, William C., Captain.
Hermes, Philip
Hester, John
Hinson, Garrett
Hixon, Griffith Jr., Sergeant.
Hixson, Elijah
Hixson, Griffith Sr.
Hough, William. Died in service.
Houk, Amaziah
Houk, Jacob
Howe, Duke
Hughes, Albert
Hurst, Joseph Milton, 1st Sergeant.
James, Thomas M., 2nd Lieutenant. Also Company D.
Johnson, Daniel. Died in service.
Jones, Daniel M.
Jones, Thompson
Kidney, Alvin D.
Kritz, John. Died in service.
Landrum, Ananias H., Quartermaster Sergeant
Landrum, John A.
Lawson, Clem
Luzader, Henry
Madison, Jonas
Malchi, John
Martin, James, 2nd Lieutenant. Also in Company A.
Maxwell, James M., Sergeant.
Maxwell, Samuel A.
McDonald, William
McMann, John (possibly)
McNeil, William F.
Meeker, Dewitt C.
Metcalf, Walter
Metzger, Christ F.
Mickle, Elijah
Miller, James
Miller, John B.
Morgan, John C., Captain.
Morton, James W., Corporal.
Murphy, Joseph J.
Nash, George
Nereter, Leonhard (possible)
Ott, William. Also in Company A.
Peters, John S. Died in service.
Peters, Joseph
Phillips, Henry L.
Piles, Jacob
Pontious, Harrison, Sergeant.
Pontius, James
Post, Eleazer A.
Price, Lewis
Pugh, Thomas J.
Queen, John
Ratliff, William
Richey, George H., 1st Lieutenant. Also in Company H and Company L
Robinson, Frank H.
Routt, Albert
Rowan, Edward H.
Russell, James R.
Rutherford, Isaac
Rutherford, John
Rutherford, Thurman
Schomer, Michael (possible)
Scott, Charles. Died in service
Scott, James
Shaw, Daniel M.
Shipley, Fielden
Simpson, Granville
Smith, Charles A.
Smith, Joseph A., Corporal
Snyder, Peter
Springer, Pleasant
Stephenson, John -- alias for Stevenson, Jesse B.
Stewart, George W.
Stewart, Jacob, Corporal
Stiffler, James K.
Stiffler, William H.
Strayer, George W.
Strickrott, Frederick William Gustave
Sweet, Job
Swyers, Andrew J.
Thacker, George W.
Thacker, Thomas B.
Thorn, Robert, Corporal.
Titler, Curtis, Wagoner.
Tittler, Harvey
Tittler, John W.
Tomlinson, Alonzo
Tomlinson, James R.
Tomlinson, John Andrew
Tomlinson, Richard L.
Tomlinson, Thurman
VanBuskirk, John. Died in service.
Vanskoy, John
Vest, McFarland. Died in service.
Warren, George Eugene
Watson, Ralph. Corporal.
Watson, Robert. Corporal.
Weigand, Joseph
Weter, William
Wiles, John. Died in service.
Williams, Samuel
Willison, John
Wills, Ananias H.
Wills, Charles C.
Wilson, Morris
Woodruff, Alexander
Woodruff, Robert
Woods, Charles
Woods, George
Woods, George W.
Woods, John
Woods, John
Woods, William W.
Wright, John H.
Young, Martin
Young, Robert H.