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Requirement restatement: Repository search on add: searches both Source and Repository namespaces for awhile

Requirement discussion: WeRelate talk:ToDo List/Search as part of Repository page addition


  • There are four steps in the main process for creating a Source page: 1) selecting the Source namespace to add a page to, 2) providing core meta-data for the page to be created, 3) automated search of the Source namespace to see if the Source already is represented in WeRelate, perhaps under a closely related title and 4) actual creation of the Source page.
  • The proposal here is to introduce a Search step into the Repository page creation process
  • The co-searching of Source and Repository namespaces has been considered a temporary need
  • Decommissioning of the cross-namespace searching should be considered a Nice-To-Have requirement

Why search both Source and Repository namespaces?

The Repository namespace is a relatively new (as of October 2008) part of WeRelate. Before the introduction of this namespace, topics that would now be considered Repositories were addressed by Source pages, both manually and automatically created. By searching the Source namespace, existing articles that should be redirected to a newly created Repository page may be identified. The searching of both namespaces may be a temporary need until the Repository namespace "matures" and pages are created in the appropriate namespace as a matter of business-as-usual activity.


Process StepSourceRepository
1Image:Add Source Menu Item.gifImage:Add Repository Menu Item.gif
2Image:Newspaper source.gifImage:Repository naming.gif
3Image:Source search - current format.gifImage:Repository search - change illustration.gif