Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p578

Volume 4, Page 578

1638, w. Lucy, had Samuel, b. May 1640; and Lydia, Apr. 1645; and
d. 1688, aged 90, if Deane be correct. his wid. d. 1697. Lydia m.
1666, james Torrey the sec. His name is usually Wills, as often is
that of one or ano. of the foregoing. Six of this name at Yale, and
five at Harv. may be seen as gr. in the respec. Catal.

    WILLISTON or WILLINGSTONE, JOHN, Ipswich 1668, may be the
same, wh. was, in Dec. 1675, march. under capt. Mosely, JOHN,
Springfield, youngest s. of Joseph of the same, d. 6 Sept. 1750, leav.
wid. Sarah, and ch. John, Sarah, Phebe, Ithamar, Beulah, Sylvester,
and Mary Ann. JOSEPH, Springfield, brot. up by John Williams of
Windsor, was in 1691, of Westfield, but then unm. and at S. m. 2 Mar.
1699, Mary, d. of the first Joseph Parsons, wid. of Joseph Ashley, had
Joseph, b. 28 Dec. 1700; Margaret, 30 Mar. 1703, d. at 13 yrs.; and
Nathaniel, 28 Jan. 1707. His w. d. 23 Aug. 1711, and he m. 1714,
Sarah, wid. of Thomas Stebbins, had John, 6 Nov. 1715; and d. 10
Nov. 1747, aged 80. JOSEPH, Springfield, s. of the preced. m. 1727,
Hannah Stebbins, and d. 21 Aug. 1747, leav. ch. Joseph; Noah, Y. C.
1757; Thomas, S.; Consider; Gad; Margaret; and Hannah. NATHANIEL,
Springfield, br. of the preced. m. Miriam Stebbins, and d. 18
July 1748, leav. Nathaniel, Elihu, Israel, Mary, and Miriam.

    WILLIX, BELSHAZZAR, Salisbury, m. prob. in 1643, Mary, wid. of
Thomas Hawksworth, was tax. 1650, and d. next yr. 23 Feb. as one
reads the rec. or as ano. 23 (1) wh. I call. Mar. but in Geneal. Reg.
VIII. 167, without the usual skill of Mr. Coffin, is mark. Jan. His
wid. d. July 1675. From the unusual name, I can hardly think him an

    WILLMAN, ISAAC, Southampton, L. I. 1649. In my opin. this is the
same name as Wellman, and this Isaac may have been br. of Thomas
an early sett. at Lynn, where long predominat. the fam. with e. instead
of i.

    WILLOUGHBY, * FRANCIS, Charlestown 1638, s. of William, came
from Portsmouth, Hampsh. with s. Jonathan and w. Mary, and join.
the ch. with her. 10 Oct. of next yr. made freem. 13 May 1640, by
sec. w. Sarah had Sarah, bapt. 13 June 1641; Hannah, b. 17 May
1643, d. at 4 mos.; Nehemiah, 8 or 18 June 1644; William, wh. d. 28
Aug. 1678, of smallpox; and d. Jerinnah, 29 July 1647, tho. the poor
girl's name in Geneal. Reg. IX. 170, copies from Farmer, is made Jerimiah;
in 1647 he went to Eng. perhaps after d. of his w. took a third
w. Margaret there, and had by her, after ret. hither, Francis, wh. d.
15 June 1678 of smallpox; Nathaniel, wh. d. 1663, says Frothingham;
and Susanna, b. 19, bapt. 21 Aug. 1664. By the will of his mo. made
in London, May 1662, call. hers. wid. of William, late of Portsmouth,