Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p40


Volume 4, Page 40

June, bapt. 10 July 1659, H. C. 1677; and Sarah; was of ar. co. 1645,
its ens. 1657, and capt. later. He was confident. agent for La Tour in
transact. with our governm. 1654-7, and a great propr. aft. Philip's war
at Scarborough, capt. of the garrison and magistr. in that region. He
was heedless. or cruel. charg. with murder of Nathan Bedford, 1681,
shown to be casual. drown. as in the Maine Hist. Col III. may be read.
As author of two very curious tracts a. the early hist. of N. E. publish.
1691 and 4, he is oft. quot. and, at the age of 83, he d. 20 Jan. 1698, as
tells the that was transfer. from the early bur. yd. to the inside of
the tower of the O. S. or 3d ch. See Genealogy, Reg. V. 78. His d.
Elizabeth m. a. 1664, Thomas Savage; Rebecca m. 1 Apr. 1675, Benjamin
Blackman; and Mary m. capt. Samuel Checkley, as by his will of 23
June 1696, pro. 3 Mar. 1698, is seen; beside wh. it gives adeq. provis.
to w. Lydia, to s. Thomas a doub. portion, rings to ds. Mary Checkley
and Sarah, w. of Samuel Walker, and to ea. of sixteen then liv.
and made Judge Sewall and s. Savage and Checkley excors. His eldest
d. Lydia, wh. first m. Benjamin Gibbs, and next m. 1678, Anthony
Checkley, the atty.-gen. that d. 18 Oct. 1708, had, no doubt, been long
bef. set out with her full sh. and for third h. she took, 6 Mar. 1712, William
Colman, f. of the disting. Benjamin Colman, then min. of Brattle
st. ch. D. D. JOSHUA, prob. s. of the first Thomas, m. 25 May 1697,
Sarah, eldest d. of the sec. Zechariah Symmes; but where he liv. when
he d. or any further acco. of him, is beyond. my power to tell. THOMAS,
Boston, br. perhaps elder, of the first Joshua, a joiner, by w. Joan, wh.
was adm. of the ch. 19 Sept. 1641, had Thomas, b. says the stupid town
rec. Jan. 1640, when the ch. rec. shows bapt. 8 Dec. preced. wh. d.
soon; Thomas, again, bapt. 10 Apr. 1641, one day old, tho. town rec.
gives b. in Mar.; John, 2, bapt. 5 May 1644; Thomas, again, 3, bapt. 7
Mar. 1647; and Mehitable, bapt. 11 Feb. 1649; and by sec. w. Sarah
had Joshua, 3, bapt. 9 Dec. 1655; Sarah, 27 Sept. bapt. 4 Oct. 1657;
Thomasin, 14, bapt. 15 Aug. 1659, d. soon; and Thomasin, again, 18
Aug. 1660. His will, of 9 May 1660, pro. 18 Dec. 1661, names aged
mo. Sanford (tho. wh. she was is beyond my conject.), w. Sarah, s.
John, and other ch. without naming. THOMAS, Scarborough, s. of Joshua
the first, sw. alleg. 1681.

    SCOVIL, SCOVALL, SCOVEL or SCOVELL, JOHN, Waterbury, s. of
that John, under Scofield, 4 pages bef. m. 6 Feb. 1694, Hannah, d. of
Obadiah Richards, had John, b. 12 Jan. foll. perhaps others; was constable,
and rep. 1714. His w. d. 5 Mar. 1720; and he d. 26 Feb. 1727.
WILLIAM, Haddam, sett. there soon aft. 1668, says Field, 65, to wh.
Hinman, 231, adds, that he d. 1712. That may refer to first John. See
Scofield, with wh. name I have been much embarrass. to disting. one
from ano. and can but fear, that little success has foll. my perplexity.