Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p340

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Volume 4, Page 340

James Britain, as a witness, call. him a liar, and said he could prove it,
of wh. the charact. of Britain may lead us to think he might be right;
rem. to Dorchester, that part wh. bec. in 1662, Milton, for wh. he was
rep. 1669, 80 and 1. Sarah, m. Aug. 1660, Peter Warren of Boston.
ROBERT, Gloucester, 1651, was rep. 1652, town clk. to 1656; and had
w. Elizabeth and Babson, 172, gives ch. Ebenezer, wh. d 1653, Ephraim,
b. in 1653, and one with an impossib. name, 1652. I regret to say,
that I find little more of him. That he was the same as the Weymouth
man was opin. of Babson, to wh. I have strong object. ROGER,
Salem d. a. 1661. WILLIAM, prob. of York, d. May 1666, and Nathaniel
Fryer was admor. The inv. 22 June was L73. 19s. 6d. and he left
a wid. Of this name, in 1834, Farmer notes thirteen had been gr. at
Harv. three at Yale, three at other N. E. coll.

    TUCKERMAN, ABRAHAM, Boston, s. of the first John, m. 15 July 1692,
Constance, d. of William Worcester, had no ch. but d. soon, and his wid.
m. John Noiles jr. if such be true name, of Newfounaland. JOHN,
Boston, by w. Sarah had Elizabeth b. 5 Feb. 1652; John, 8 Oct. 1655;
Sarah, 20 Nov. 1657, d. in two wks.; Richard, 27 Nov. 1658; Christian,
8 July 1661; Priscilla, 5 Aug. 1666; Martha, 28 Aug. 1668; Abraham,
3 Dec. 1670; and Isaac, 6 Feb. 1673. JOHN, Boston, eldest s. of the
preced. by first w. had. John, and by sec. w. m. 14 Nov. 1693, Susanna,
d. of Edmund Chamberlin of Malden, had Sarah, Abraham, Jacob, and
Edward. He is ancest. of most of this surname in N. E. NATHANIEL,
Ipswich, s. of Otho, by w. Martha, had Nathaniel, b. 9 Sept. 1684;
Martha, 27 June 1686; John, and Elizabeth He rem. 1712 to Portsmouth.
OTHO, Portsmouth, by w. Emma, had Nathaniel, b. a. 1660; and other
ch.; was drown. 24 May 1664.

    TUCKEY, GEORGE, Windsor 1645, fin. for some idle words to old Mr.
Eggleston's w. JOHN, Charlestown, join the ch. 12 Apr. 1650, was a
householder in 1658, but I kn. no more.

    TUDOR, JOHN, Boston by w. Elizabeth had John, b. 12 Feb. 1673; and
Thomas, 11 Nov. 1674. The f. of William of Boston, H. C. 1769, a
disting. citizen, was also nam. John, but he prob. was not any relat. of
the preced. or suceed. but brot. by his m. from Devonsh. as tradit. tells,
a. 1715. OWEN, or OWYN, Windsor, 1645, may have been at Dorchester,
but no such tradit. exists, nor does any rec. show it; m. 13 Nov.
1651, wid. Mary Skinner, d. prob. of Joseph Loomis of the same, had
Samuel, and Sarah, tw. b. 26 Nov. 1652; Owen, 12 Mar. 1655; Jane,
16 Oct. 1657; and Mary, 6 Mar. 1661; all bapt. 12 May foll. and all
liv. at his d. 30 Oct. 1690. His w. d. 19 Aug. 1680. He is report. in
the freemen's list 1669, had been prob. sev. yrs. was common. thot. to
come from Wales, but that may be tradit. as to a progen. or childish