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Volume 4, Page 331

1638, and on the list of freem. there 1655, had w. Mary, to wh. in
his will of 1650, Anthony Paine had giv. a leacy, for wh. her h. gave
discharge to testator's relict by name of Rose Weeden, and for sec. w. he
m. 7 Sept. 1665, Susann, d. of John Anthony the first of the same, had
Susanna, b. 1 Oct. 1667; Mary, 9 Dec. 1670; John, 9 July 1673;
Othaniel, 5 June 1676; Benjamin, 21 Feb. 1678; and Lot, 26 Dec.
1684; was rep. 1656 and 1672,
[1] Alice m. 26 Jan. 1671, Willaim Hall
Isbell m. 4 Mar. 1675, Samson Shearman; Martha m. 3 Feb. 1681,
Samuel Shearman; and Susanna m. 20 Jan. 1687, Thomas Potter[1].
JOSEPH, Dartmouth, perhaps s. of the preced. was rep. 1685.

    TRISTRAM or TRUSTRUM, BENJAMIN, Saco, s. of Ralph, was d. in
Apr. 1679, when Francis Hooke took admin. RALPH, Saco 1647, adm.
freem. of Mass. 1655, had been constable 1653, appoint. by our authority,
was much respect. and d. 1678. Dominicus Jordan, his s.-in-law, had
admin. on the f. and s. Nathaniel, both in Apr. 1679. His. ch. b. betw.
1644 and 64 were Samuel, Nathaniel, Benjamin, Richard, Rachel, Ruth,
Freegrace, Hannah, wh m. Dominicus Jordan, and David. But Folsom,
180, was not so happy as to be able to give particulars.

    TROOP, WILLIAM Barnstable, m. 14 May 1666, Mary, d. of Ralph
, had Mary b. 6. Apr. 1667; and prob. others, certain. Thomas,
bapt. 6 Sept. 1683.

    TROTMAN, JOHN, Boston 1643, went home next yr. and in Feb. 1645,
by letter fr. London, gave his w. Catharine power to sell his est. here.

    TROTT, BENJAMIN, Nantucket, s. of John, m. 15 Jan. 1730, Elizabeth d.
of Jacob Norton, had Mary, b. 1730; Benjamin, d. soon; Rachel; John;
Ann; Priscilla; and Dinah; and d. 8 Sept. 1776. His wid. d. 17 June
1780. BERNARD, Boston 1665, merch. for ten yrs. here. ELIAS,
Wethersfield 1645, may have been s. of Richard. JAMES, Dorchestsr,
s. of the first Thomas, d. 27 Sept. 1719, by the inscript. on the
JOHN, perhaps of Wethersfield, serv. on jury 1642. JOHN, Nantucket,
by the rec. had by w. Ann, Tabitha, b. 2 Mar. 1679; Joseph, 10 Mar. but
in ano. place said to be Apr. 1681; Rachel, 23 Aug. 1683; but in ano. place it
is said John, prob. tw. was b. 28 of that same mo.; Benjamin, 8 Nov. 1685;
James, 20 Jan. 1688; Mary, 31 Oct. 1690; Abigail, 8 June 1693; and Priscilla,
11 Mar. 1697, i. e. prob. 1698; beside Elizabeth; and he d. 26 Apr. 1728. [[|His
will of 5 Jan. 1723, pro. 17 July 1728, ment. all the six ds. four s. but express.
uncert. whether James and Joseph be liv. Tabitha m. John Frost, and next Joseph
Brown; Rachel m. Thomas Gorham; Abigail m. Mar. 1720, George Brown, as his
sec. w.; and Priscilla d. unm. 30 Dec. 1770. JOHN, Dorchester, s. of Thomas of
the same
, liv. at Milton, m. 20 Dec. 1703, Deliverence, wid. of Joseph Withington.
MATTHIAS, defdt. in a suit 1646, but in my opinin is just as likely to
mean Treat. RICHARD, Wethersfield 1642, and thenceforward this
surname occurs so oft. especial. on the gr. jury 1643, and as rep. every single
yr. fr. 1644 to 1658, but without the baptismal prefix, in Trumbull's
Col. Rec. perhaps in 50 or 60 places, when Richard Treat is found so
seldom, that I doubt not this may be freq. substitut. SAMUEL, Dorchester,
s. of the first Thomas, d. 3 Aug. 1724. SIMON, Wells, was sw.
freem. of Mass. 1653. THOMAS, Dorchester, freem. 1664, had Thomas;
Preserved; Sarah b. 10 or 16 Jan. 1654; Mary, 26 Jan. 1657; Samuel,
27 Aug. 1660; John, 24 Nov. bapt. 4 Dec. 1664; Thankful, 5 Dec.