Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p485


Volume 3, Page 485

Mar. 1656; was highly esteem. rep. 1665, and d. 5 June 1674, aged
61; yet Coffin says he was b. 16 May 1620. His will, made 21 May
preced. names w. Elizabeth and s. John, excors. ment. s. William,
Elizabeth and Ann P. Elizabeth and John Croade, ds. Elizabeth Ruck, Hannah
Veren, and Ann Bradstreet, but this last was not his own ch. but had
been wid. of his s. Theodore. His wid. d. 11 Nov. 1688, aged 73. Of
Samuel I hear nothing. Besides Theodore, William and Walter were
lost at sea. Elizabeth m. 17 Mar. 1659, John Croade, and next John Ruck,
misprint. Burke, in Essex Inst. Hist. Coll. II. 127; and Hannah, m. 4
May 1670, Hilliard Veren. WILLIAM, Watertown, m. 9 Apr. 1657,
Mary Marblehead, had William, b. 4 May 1658; Matthew, 16 Apr.
1660; Mary, 8 Nov. 1662; John, 18 Mar. 1665; Sarah, 27 Sept.
1667; Benjamin, 22 Feb. 1670; Grace, 1 Aug. 1672; James, 15 Mar.
1675; Joseph, 2 Nov. 1677; Elizabeth 20 Mar. 1680; and Hannah; and
he d. 30 Oct. 1685. His will made five days bef. as pro. 15 Dec. foll.
It nam. w. and s. John, excors. Hannah m. 24 Dec. 1702, Thomas
Sanderson. Sometimes his name appears Priest
[1]. WILLIAM, Groton,
eldest s. of preced. of wh. Bond could tell no more, but that he sat
down on ld. at G. belong. to his f.

    RICHARD or PRITCHARD, BENJAMIN, Milford, 1713, may have
been s. of Roger. HUGH, Gloucester 1614-45, rem. to Roxbury,
freem. 18 May 1642, had, by w. Elinor, Abigail, a d. acc. the town
rec. but as I read the ch. rec. s. Abiel, bapt. 26 Dec. 1641; Zebediah,
b. 17, bapt. 22 Oct. prob. d. soon; Phebe, bapt. 20 Oct. 1644, in
ch. rec. call. a d. very naturally, but in the town rec. acc. to old rec. s.
b. 13 Oct. without a name; and a ch. without name, bur. 10 May 1649
was of ar. co. 1643, rep. 1643, 4, and 9, capt. 1647, and went home,
prob. in 1650. In giv. deed of his est. some yrs. later, his attys. describe
him as of Broughton, Denbighsh. wh. perhaps was the place of his
nativity. Bef. the gen. introd. of surnames, the progenit. of this fam.
would be represent. ap Richard, i. e. s. of Richard. JOHN, Topsfield, s.
perhaps of William, was freem. 1686. JOSEPH, Milford, perhaps s. of
Roger, d. a. 1676. NATHANIEL, Springfield, s. of Roger, m. 4 Feb.
1652, Hannah, d. of George Langton, wh. d. 1690, and he m. 1691,
Hannah, wid. of Samuel Davis of Northampton, and rem. from S. to New
Haven, there d. 11 Nov. 1710, had only one ch. wh. d. under age, and the
wid. d. 1711. RICHARD, Yarmouth 1643, was with w. Ann and d. Templer,
adm. 29 July 1660 of the ch. at Charlestown, d. 8 Mar. 1669 at great cage.
His will of 22 Jan. preced. names w. Margery, d. Hannah, w. of Richard
Templer, wh. was made extrix. and her ch. James, Samuel, and Deborah, Hannah, w. of Alexander Stewart; and her ch. James, and
John; beside Richard, s. of Richard Taylor; perhaps ano. and