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Volume 3, Page 146

NATHANIEL, Boston 1670, perhaps br. of Josiah, by w. Deborah had
William, b. 19 Feb. 1672. RICHARD, Scituate 1646, by Deane, 309,
was reckon. a youth in Elder Brewster's fam. who could claim to have
come in the Mayflower, 1620; but I reject that supposition, for the person
who had share with Brewster's lot in the div. of cattle, 1627, was
not Mann, but More. See Davis's Morton, 382; and Bradford gives the
Mayflower Richard More to be count. with the other heads, to Brewster,
six in number, at the div. of lds. He had Nathaniel, b. 1646, and d. a.
1656; Thomas, 15 Aug. 1650; Richard, 1652; and Josiah, 1654. The
last was prob. that soldier of wh. no more is kn. Of Nathaniel, Deane
says he liv. in S. left no fam. gave est. 1680, to his brs. Thomas and
Richard, yet refers to his Appx. II. in wh. no more is found. But he
may have been short time of Boston. Thomas saw hard fighting and
was badly wound. in the Rehoboth day, when Pierce was ambushed;
but liv. to have four s. and three ds. of wh. descend. are yet seen.
Richard had three s. and four ds. I can feel no doubt, that this Mann
should be More, or Moore. See that name. SAMUEL, Dedham 1642.
SAMUEL, Wrentham, only s. of William, had engag. to keep the sch. in
Dedham one yr. for £20- "to be pd. in corn at the current price," and
contin. sev. yrs. in that honora. employm. m. 13 by rec. or 19 May
1673, Esther, d. of Robert Ware of Dedham, wh. d. 3 Sept. 1784; and
was freem. 1678; ord. 13 Apr. 1692, in the place former. part of D.
where he had preach. many yrs. and d. 22 May 1719. His ch. by the
Wrentham rec. were Mary, b. 7 Apr. 1674; Samuel, 8 Aug. 1675;
Theodore, 8 Feb. 1681; Thomas, 24 Oct. 1682; Hannah, 12 June
1685; Beriah, 30 Mar 1687; Pelatiah, 2 Apr. 1689; Margaret, 21
Dec. 1691; and Esther, 26 June 1696; beside wh. were Nathaniel, and
William, b. aft. the sett. was brok. up by Philip's war, and bef. his
return, i. e. Mar. 1676 and Aug. 1680. All these six s. and five ds.
were m. Of this fam. most have writ. but a single n in the name.
THOMAS, Rehoboth, had w. Rachel, wh. d. June 1676, and a ch. at
the same time. He m. 9 Apr. 1678, Mary Wheaton, had Rachel, b. 15
Apr. 1679; Mary, 11 Jan. 1681; Bethia, 12 Mar. prob. 1683. WILLIAM,
Cambridge 1634-52, came, it is said, from Kent, b. 1607, youngest
of eleven ch. m. 1643, Mary Jarrad, or perhaps Garrard, had share in
the Shawshin div. 1652, but possib. was of Providence 1641, a Farmer
has it; yet he could not long have cont. there. He had by first w. Samuel,
bef. ment. b. 6 July 1647, H. C. 1665; and m. 11 June 1667, sec.
or third w. Alice Teel, and d. 7 Mar. 1662. In his will of 10 Dec.
preced. nam. no ch. but Samuel. Six of this name had, in 1819, been
gr. at Harv. and nine at other N. E. coll.

    MANNERING, EDWARD, Scarborough 1663. JOSEPH, a passeng. in