Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p564

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Volume 2, Page 564

ch. Lydia, perhaps b. in Eng. wh. m. 30 Oct. 1656, Jonathan Whitney,
beside Josiah, b. 1643; and Shubael, 1 July, or 14 Oct. says Goodwin,
1651. This last was prob. infirm in mind. He was long at Watertown,
and there d. 11 Apr. 1684, having to his will of 7 Jan. 1679, add. codic.
of 11 Apr. 1682. LEWIS, Saybrook, had Margaret, b. 15 Aug. 1667;
Catharine, 28 May 1671; Jonathan, 12 Nov. 1673; Samuel, 18 May
1676; and Ephraim, 1 May 1685. MATTHEW, Boston, by w. Ann had
Rebecca, b. 26 Feb. 1645; Matthew; and Sarah, a. 1660; rem. to New
London, where Sarah m. John Prentice. MATTHEW, Barnstable, s. of
Ralph, m. Mercy, prob. d. of John Goodspeed, had Benjamin, b. 5 Jan.
1691; Ralph, 5 Jan. 1693; Experience, 1 Mar. 1697; Josiah, 14 June
1702; and Ebenezer, 6 June 1706. MORGAN, Newtown, L. I. 1680,
s. of John of Bassaleg, near Newport, Co. Monmouth, bred at Jesus
Coll. Oxford, left a place in Glamorgansh. for the Uniformity Act of
1662, and might therefore from other non-conformists expect. better
treatm. than to be call. tanner from Wales, of whose decept. in
evangelis. at Killingworth and Branford, indignant story is giv. in Magn.
VII. 34. Riker's Hist. of Newtown, 99-115, overthrows all the credit
of Mather's relat. with great modesty. Abundant imitat. have every yr.
since travers. our country, but the name may not commonly be Jones.
NATHANIEL, New Haven, s. of dept.-gov. William, by his first w. b. in
Eng. m. 7 Oct. 1684, Abigail, d. of David Atwater, had Hannah, b. 6
May 1687; Theophilus, 18 Mar. 1690; and Abigail, posthum. 26 Mar.
1692; a propr. 1685, d. 21 Aug. 1691. Both he and his br. William
by favor of their mo.-in-law, had, dur. life of the f. independ. est. out
of the prop. of Gov. Eaton. PHILIP, bur. at Boston, 2 Oct. 1684, as
Sewall tells, was, I judge, only trans. visit. RALPH, Barnstable, m. 17
Apr. 1650, Mary, d. of capt. Matthew Fuller, had Shubael, b. 27 Aug.
1654; Jedediah, 4 Jan. 1656; John, 14 Aug. 1659; Mercy, 14 Nov.
1666; and Ralph, 1 Oct. 1669; beside five others, whose names are not
found. RALPH, Barnstable, s. of the preced. had Deborah, b. Mar.
1696; Elizabeth 25 Nov. 1698; Thankful, 12 Apr. 1701; Bethia, 9 Apr.
1706; and Cornelius, 30 July 1709. RICE, Boston, by w. Ann had
Matthew, b. 30 June 1651; Sarah, 19 Apr. 1654; Hannah, 4 May 1659; and d.
3 or 30 Jan. 1661. RICHARD, Dorchester 1635, d. 1641, leav. wid. Alice, and
ch. Timothy, Samuel, Elizabeth and Mary. The wid. m. John Kingsley. RICHARD,
Hingham 1636, has still descend. there, unless Lincoln, 44, has
giv. this name by mistake for Robert. RICHARD, Farmington, aft.
one of the first sett. at Haddam, d. 1670; had David, b. 1663, wh.
d. early aft. his f.; Elizabeth 1666, m. Ebenezer Booth of Stratford;
Mary, 1668, m. Thomas Barnes; and Patience, posthum. Mar. 1671,
wh. m. Evarts Cosseboom of L. I. ROBERT, Hingham 1637, rem.
to Rehoboth 1644, back in few yrs. to H. had Robert, b. possib. in