Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p488


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Volume 2, Page 488

    HUDDY, GEORGE, Newbury, took o. of alleg. 1678, then aged 17, of
course on enrolm. in the milit.

    HUDSON, DANIEL, Watertown, a. 1640, rem. to Lancaster 1664, by w.
Joanna had Daniel, b. 26 May 1651; Mary, 7 Sept. 1653; Sarah, 1 Jan.
1656; Elizabeth 11 Jan. 1658; Joanna, 6 Jan. 1660; John, 10 Mar. 1662;
William, 12 June 1664; Abigail; Ann, 1 Jan. 1668; Nathaniel, 15
May 1671; and Thomas; was k. says Willard, by the Ind. 11 Sept.
1697, with his w. two ds. and two ch. of his s. Nathaniel. DANIEL,
Boston, one of the wretched surv. of the crowning mercy of O. Cromwell,
vouchsaf. to him 3 Sept. 1651 at the bloody field of Worcester,
when Daniel was made prison. shipped in Nov. 1651, arr. in May foll.
did not, perhaps, live long. DANIEL, Lancaster, s. of the first Daniel,
m. Feb. 1674, Mary, youngest d. of John Maynard, and she d. 1677.
FRANCIS, Boston 1630, fisherman, came from Chatham, Co. Kent, s. of
William, was one of the first, as Judge Sewall believ. wh. set foot on this
penins. of Boston, so that, prob. he came in the fleet with Winthrop had w.
Mary, and by her, Elizabeth b. 13 Oct. 1640; Deborah, bapt. 18 June 1643,
whose age is not told; Mary, 18, bapt. 20 Aug 3, d. soon; Mary,
again, 22 Aug. bapt. 10 Sept. 1644; Susanna, as the town rec. calls her,
15 Dec. but the ch. rec. of her bapt. on 21 of same Dec. 1645, calls her
Hannah, a. 7 days old; Samuel, 19 July 1650; and Sarah, 27 Nov.
1653; freem. 1673, d. 3 Nov. 1700, aged 82. His will of 21 Aug.
1697, pro. 14 Nov. 1700, names w. Elizabeth to be extrix. and gives all his
real and pers. est. dwell.-ho. ferry boats, lease of ferry whf.
wid. and ment. d. Perkins; and s. Arthur Smith; Francis, and Samuel,
s. of his s. Samuel; beside John Wheatly, the gr.s. of his w. Susanna
m. John Howlett, and next Edmund Perkins. HENRY, Hempstead,
L. I. 1647. Thompson. JAMES, Boston 1642, by w. Ann had
Lydia, b. 17, bapt. 23 Apr. 1643, d. young; Deborah, 3, bapt. 20
Oct. 1644; James, 25 Aug. 1646; Lydia, again, 15 Mar. 1648; his w.
d. 3 Dec. 1652, and he m. 3 Feb. foll. Rebecca, d. of William Brown, wh.
d. 14 Nov. foll. having, b. John, 8 Nov. 1653, d. soon; and he by a third
w. Mary, had John, again, b. 26 Jan. 1655; Mary, 22 July 1656;
Lazarus, 21 Oct. 1658; Bethia, and Abigail, tw. 13 Dec. 1659; Samuel,
23 Mar. 1661; Ebenezer, 4 Mar. 1662; and Eleazer, 19 June 1668.
JOHN, Lynn 1637, an unworthy serv. of John Humphrey. Winthrop II.
46. JOHN, Boston, 1655, of wh. I kn. nothing, but that he was one of the
three wh. took inv. of William Davis, perhaps a br. sailor. JOHN, New
Haven, by w. Abigail had, bapt. in her right, Abigail, b. 25 Mar. 1654,
bapt. 8 Feb. 1657; Sarah, 5, bapt. 12 Apr. 1657; Mary, bapt. 8 July 1660;
and Samuel, b. Sept. bapt. 13 Nov. 1664. Usual. the name is Hodgson.
Abigail m. Dec. 1680, Richard Blackleach of Stratford, and d. Mar. 1713. JOHN,
Marblehead 1674. JOHN, Duxbury, had w. Ann Rogers, d. of John, and
to her, in his will of 20 Nov. 1683, gave his est. dur. wid. tho. he had four ds.
Hannah, wh. m. Japhet Turner; Rhoda, m. ----- Palmer; Elizabeth