Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p422


Volume 2, Page 422

    HILLIER, HELYER or HILLER, ANDREW, Simsbury, s. of John of
Windsor, m. Hannah, d. of Benjamin Burr, had only Hannah, b. 1676;
and d. 1697. His will of Feb. 1693 gives all his prop. to the d. He
had prob. liv. at Windsor first. HUGH, Barnstable, and been of
Yarmouth, 1639, there by w. Rose had Deborah, b. 20 Oct. 1643; and
Samuel, 30 July 1646; and d. in short time after. His wid. m. 3 Nov.
1648, Thomas Huckins. JAMES, Windsor, s. of John, m. 15 June 1677,
Mary, wid. of Ebenezer Dibble, had James, b. 28 Jan. 1679; and Elizabeth
6 May 1680; James, 14 Apr. 1683; perhaps others. He had sec. w. 30 Mar. 1699;
Mary, wid. of William Alderman, d. of John Case, and by her had Elizabeth Descend.
remain. JOHN, Windsor, had John, b. 3 June 1637; Mary, 25 Dec.
1639; Timothy, 3 June 1642; James, 24 Aug. 1644; Andrew, 4 Nov.
1646; Simon, 25 Dec. 1648; Nathaniel, 1 Jan. 1651; Sarah, 25 Aug.
1652; and Abigail, 21 Aug. 1654; and he d. 16 July 1655. All the ch.
exc. Nathaniel, were liv. 1673. JOHN, Windsor, Hadley, and Northampton,
s. of the preced. had at W. Elizabeth b. 8 Dec. 1680; Ann, 8 May 1687, wh. d.
soon; left Timothy. His name in the rec. is Hilliour, and often
the fam. is call. Hilliard. ROGER, Charlestown 1691, m. Experience, d.
of Richard Hall of Dorchester, had John, bapt. 25 Aug. 1689; and
Sarah, 7 Feb. 1692; and d. 10 Sept. 1693, aged 32. WILLIAM, Duxbury
1639-43, a carpenter, was the first miller in town, says Winsor.

    HILTON, CHARLES, Dover, youngest s. of Edward the first, outliv. his
f. and I regret to say, that of him nothing more is kn. to me, exc. that he was
of Exeter 1671, and d. a. 1683 or 4, unm. and a. 40 yrs. old. EDWARD, Dover,
br. prob. younger, of William, a fishmonger, wh. means, I think, citizen of
London of that comp. came and sat down, it is thot. in 1623, at D. and
there liv. near twenty yrs. then rem. to Exeter, and d. early in 1671.
We kn. not the name of his first w. by wh. he had Edward, b. 1630, or,
as Mr. Quint says, 1626; William, 1632, or 1628; Samuel; and
charles, who all admin. his ext. wh. was large. After July 1650, he m.
Catharine, d. of Alexander Shapleigh, and wid. of James Treworthy,
wh. outliv. him, and he d. 29 May 1676. Perhaps he had other ch. as
John, and Jonathan, the latter name being found in the tax list at D.
1659; one d. wh. m. Christopher Palmer; and Mary, wh. M. Henry
Moulton of Hampton. Descend. to our day are in good repute. EDWARD,
Exeter, eldest s. of the preced. m. Ann, d. of Samuel Dudley,
gr.d. of the Govs. Winthrop and Dudley, had Winthrop, a very promin.
officer in the milit. k. by the Ind. 23 June 1710; just after being chos.
into the Council, and bef. tak. his seat; Dudley, carr. away by the Ind.
prob. when his br. Winthrop was k. for he was never heard of after;
Joseph, b. a. 1681; Jane; Ann; Mary, and Sobriety, as Farmer gives
them, but he leaves us to guess, that the last was a d. He d. 1699.
Descend. of Col. Winthrop H. still enjoy the ancestr. fields, in one of