Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p340


Volume 2, Page 340

will of his stepf. John Liveen, or Living, he m. 2 Jan. 1701, wid. Elizabeth
Meades, whose maiden name was Gulliver, had b. there Elizabeth 22 Feb. 1702; came
back, and had, here, Mary, b. 11 Oct. 1705; and John, 3 Aug. 1708; d. 18 Sept.
1714, aged, says the gr.stone, 49 yrs. 5 mos. 29 days. His wid. Elizabeth d.
1736. Robert A. of New London is sole descend. in male line of the first w.
and Rev. Isaac, of Lynn, is of the sec.

    HALLECK, DAVID, Dorchester 1640, Boston 1644.

    HALLET, sometimes HOLLET, ANDREW, Lynn, rem. to Sandwich 1637, soon
after to Yarmouth, and a. 1645 went home, but soon came again; had Dorcas,
bapt. 1 June 1646, and Jonathan, 20 Nov. 1647; both bapt. by Lothrop at
Barnstable; John, 11 Dec. 1650; Mehitable; Abigail, who m. 10 Dec. 1672, capt.
Jonathan Alden; and Ruhamah, who m. 1664, Job Bourne; all nam. with w. Ann in
his will of 4 June 1681. Winsor gives the amo. of his cst. £1180. In Lechford's Plain
Dealing, p. 41, he is call. sch.master. ANDREW, Yarmouth 1643, then call. junr.
was s. of the preced. b. in Eng. m. prob. Ann, d. of Anthony Bessey.
Boston, freem. 1690, then call. sen. so that there was a jun. at the same time there.
JAMES, Windsor 1643, a poor, thievish serv. JOHN, Scituate, br. of Andrew, but
perhaps not resid. there at the same time, had Ann, wh. m. 1649, Richard
of S. and he prob. rem. to Yarmouth after few yrs. yet seems to have
come back to S. unless Deane's relat. be confus. RICHARD, Boston, had Alice,
who m. 1652, Mordecai Nichols, and next, Thomas Clark of Plymouth. A wid.
Lydia H. m. 27 Nov. 1661, at Boston, John Drummond. WILLIAM, New London
1648, carpenter, rem. next yr. for cause stated in Trumbull, Col. Rec. I. 186, went
down the sound, and whitened his reput. on both sides, so as in few yrs. the
Col. governm. receiv. him from Flushing 1664, deput. by his neighbors with
others from other towns on L. I. to join the jurisdict. of Conn. He was an
orig. sett. at Greenwich many yrs. bef. and in 1652 had ld. at Newtown, L. I.
where in 1686 he liv. with William, jr. and Samuel, perhaps his s. One Samuel,
perhaps s. of Andrew or of John, was drown. 22 Apr. 1650, with Thomas Blossom.
In early days the spell. was sometimes Hollett, as then pronounc.

also, first, HOLWAY, ANDREW, New Haven 1654. BENJAMIN, Boston,
s. of William, first of the same, m. 12 May 1692, Mary Stocker, had Mary, b.
17, bapt. 19 Mar. 1693; Ann, 28 Jan. 1693; Benjamin, 20 Jan. 1699; William, 11
Nov. 1700; Joseph, 22 Nov. 1702; Sarah, 1 Sept. 1705; and Samuel, 23 Nov.
1707. Benjamin, jr. m. 29 May 1722, , and had Benjamin, b. 2
Feb. 1723, wh. was his majesty's collector of the customs at Boston, and by w.
Mary Boylston
, m. 13