Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p318


Volume 2, Page 318

Wethersfield, had Thomas, b. 1646; Esther, 1648; Mary, 1650; Michael, 1652,
prob. d. young; Abigail, 1655; Isaac, 1658; Jacob, 1660; Sarah, 1662; and
Michael, again, 1667. The first two, and last five are nam. in his will.
SAMUEL, Norwich, only s. of sec. Francis, m. 10 Dec. 1685, Susanna
Huntington, had Francis, b. 9 Sept. 1691; Samuel, 8 Feb. 1693; Lydia, 28 May 1696;
Hannah, 30 Apr. 1699; Sarah, 19 Jan. 1701; John; Joseph, Oct. 1706; and Daniel, 25 Apr.
1709; wh. d. young. He had sec. w. Hannah, and d. 2 Dec. 1740; and his wid. d. 25
Feb. 1752. THOMAS, Windsor, s. of George, m. 11 or 16 Aug. 1681, Esther, d. of Job
Drake, wh. d. 19 Feb. 1692, had Thomas, b. 10 Dec. 1682; Samuel, 7 Aug. 1685;
Hezekiah, 1688, and Esther, Jan. 1690. Twenty-three of this name had, in 1834,
been gr. at Yale, and seven at other N. E. coll. exc. Harv.

    GROOM, NICHOLAS, Mass. d. 1651, and Henry G. (I kn. not whether f.
br. or s.) had admin. of his est. in Middlesex Co. Samuel, Salisbury
1650, a mariner, in the list of inhabs. dignified with prefix of Mr. went
home to London bef. 1658. He may seem to be that Quaker, who publ.
in 1676, "A Glass for the people of N. E." wh. in a note to his Hist. I. 72,
Hutchinson ascrib. to Gorton.

    GROSSE, CLEMENT, Boston, s. of Isaac, b. in Eng. was a brewer,
m. bef 1649, had Isaac, who was a cordwinder; when, in 1678, the
f. is call. innholder, allow. to be 1658; by w. Mary had Edmund, b.
9 Mar. 1656; and Elizabeth 5 Mar. 1659; a former Elizabeth hav. d. 1 Sept. 1656;
William, 3 Mar. 1665; Edmund, again, 27 Sept. 1669; and Ann, 18 Mar. 1671;
but in 1695 no male of this or other line was a taxable inhab. of Boston,
tho. a wid. Grosse is found. EDMUND, Boston, elder br. of the preced.
mariner, by w. Catharine had Isaac, b. 1 Oct. 1642; Susanna, Aug. 1644;
both bapt. 23 Mar. 1645; perhaps Thomas; Hannah; Lydia,
bapt. 10 Mar. 1650; by w. Ann had Mary, b. 9 Sept. 1652; Elizabeth 30 Jan.
1654; John, 21 Apr. 1655. He d. 1 May after, and his will, in wh. he
provides for w. and ch. Isaac, and Susan only, was pro. 3 May
1655, and set aside by ch. 25 May. His d. Lydia m. I presume, George
Harris of Concord. EDMUND, Boston, m. 19 Feb. 1695, Dorothy, d. of Josiah
Belcher. He was s. of Clement, and had, I think, no ch. ISAAC, Boston
1685, call. husbandman, when adm. of the ch. 17 Apr. 1636, disarm. 1637, as
a friend of the antinomians, Cotton and Wheelwright, follow. the latter
to Exeter, was there a ruler, or man of distinct.; but ret. to Boston in
few yrs. d. 1649, leav. good est. by his will (of 29 May shortly bef. his
d.) div. among w. and ch. Edmund, Clement, Matthew, beside Isaac,
Hannah, Susanna, Thomas, and even an expected ch. of his s. Clement. It
made Edmund excor. His wid. d. 1653. ISAAC, Boston, gr.s. I presume,
of the preced. had w. Elizabeth and inf. d. when 5 Nov. 1666 admin. was given to the wid.
MATTHEW, Boston, s. of the first Isaac, m. 5 Oct. 1652, Mary Trott, perhaps d. of John,
wh. d. that yr. had Martha, b. 29 June 1653; Thomas, 5 July 1655; Mary, 17 Sept.
1657; Elizabeth 3 Feb. 1660; Sarah, 23 Aug. 1662; and by w. Elinor had John, 11 Sept. 1670;
Ann, 5 Jan. 1672; and Ruth, 12 May