Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p107


Volume 2, Page 107

Presid. and Counc. of N. E. for Pemaquid, came, perhaps 1650, to dispose
of that int. in lots, of wh. one moiety was in 1652 to Capt. Paul White for
200, and the last was in 1657. He also sold for the co. Monhigon. He was
assoc. with the first wh. own. a fire engine in the metrop. 1680. Willis, I.

    ELCOCK, ANTHONY, New Haven 1657, had Mary, b. 22 July 1661; John,
21 Dec. 1663; Thomas, 29 July 1666; and Sarah, 12 Apr. 1669. He d. not long after,
for in Sept. 1672 his will is ment. THOMAS, New Haven, s. of the preced. m.
Martha, eldest ch. and only d. of Samuel Munson. The name sometimes seems

    ELDER, DANIEL, Dorchester, m. 12 Mar. 1667, Lydia Homes, wh. d. 5
Sept. 1689, had Lydia, b. 19 July 1668, d. next mo.; Remember, 29 June 1669;
Andrew, 13 Mar. 1671; Lydia, again, 13 June 1673; Daniel, 1 June 1675; and d.
4 May 1692.

    ELDERKIN, JOHN, Lynn 1637, Dedham 1641, Reading 1646, and two
yrs. later at Providence, and of New London 1651, where he built both the
first ch. and first mill, finally in 1664 sett. at Norwich there also built
the first ch. and mill, d. 23 June 1687 aged a. 71. He had Abigail, b. 13
Sept. 1641, but what was his w.'s name, or whether she had more ch. or
when she d. is unkn. Yet a d. of this w. m. Daniel Comstock. He m. for. sec.
w. Elizabeth d. of John Drake, wid. of William Gaylord, and had Ann, b. Jan. 1661;
John, Apr. 1664; Bathshua, Nov. 1665; James, Mar. 1671; and Joseph, Dec.
1672. His wid. long surv. him, and d. 18 June 1716, aet. 95; and the error in
Hist. of Norwich, 117, whereby this date was made to belong to the h. is
thus explain. JOHN, Norwich, s. of the preced. m. 1685, Abigail Fowler. Four
of the name had in 1829 been gr. at Yale.

    ELDERTON, JOHN, Providence 1645.

    ELDRED, JOHN, Hampton 1640. JOHN, Warwick, m. Margaret, fifth d. of
Randall Houlden the first. SAMUEL, Cambridge 1646, by w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth b.
26 Oct. 1642; Samuel, 26 Oct. 1644; Mary, 15 June 1646; and Thomas, 8 Sept.
1648. Both s. were of Wickford 1674, but, both being in the interest of
Conn. they may not have been perman. sett. Taken prisoner by Conn. when
R. I. was too weak to vindicate her right, he, perhaps, to serve his relat.
and neighb. consent. to be made a constable until the royal justice might
impartial. set. the disput. boundary. Samuel w. at Rochester 1688, and is
nam. in the Revo. in N. E. Justif. p. 20. A Mrs. E. is ment. 1643 at New
Haven, with fam. of 5, and est. of 1000, but not there in 1647, prob. was
gone home to London. WILLIAM, Yarmouth, m. a d. of William Lumpkin of the
same, whose bapt. name is not seen by me, had Ann, b. a. 16 Dec. 1648; and
Sarah, 10 Oct. 1650, beside Elisha, and Bethia; of wh. the last two are
nam. in the will of their gr.f.L. Very often it is Eldridge.

    ELDRIDGE, JAMES, Stonington 1670. NATHANIEL, Windsor 1642,