Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p251


Volume 1, Page 251

Mildred, only d. of Michael Carthrick of Ipswich, and by her, Sarah,
b. 3 Jan. 1656; Zechariah, 8 Aug. 1658; and Thomas, all bapt. 5
Aug. 1660; John, 29 Sept. 1661; Michael, 5 June 1664; Nathaniel,
30 Dec. 1666; Timothy, 18 Dec. 1670; and Elias 26 Jan. 1673. His
w. surv. him and her gr.stone says d. July 1726, aged 96. Next yr. in
Dec. Thomas, prob. gr.s. of first Thomas, unit. with the ch. Michael,
prob. also gr.s. d. 12 June 1709, aged 45; and Michael, chos. a deac.
1752, d. 18 Aug. 1767, aged 70. ZECHARIAH, Charlestown s. of the
first Thomas, was a preach. at Stonington, d. 1663. Trumbull, I. 287.

    BRIGGS, CLEMENT, Plymouth, came in the Fortune, 1621, prob.
young; rem. to Dorchecter, there m. 1630, or 1631, early, Joan Allen,
for officiat. at wh. cerem. Thomas Stoughton, the constable, was fin. �5.
at the Mar. Court, 1631; thence he rem. to Weymouth 1633, had s.
Thomas, b. 14 June 1633; Jonathan, 14 June 1635; John; David, 23
Aug. 1640; and Clement, 1 Jan. 1643. Grievous is our feeling of
regret at find. the Court, in June 1638, led to forbid the w. to come into
the comp. of Arthur Warren, as we are compell. to fear the m. was
imprud. Bef. he d. he had ano. w. Elizabeth Of his will, the abstr. is giv.
in Geneal. Reg. VII. 233; but the envelope of it is label. Mary Mouth,
wh. the blundering clk. read for Weymouth, the resid. of the testator.
His inv. of 23 Feb. 1649 not. in the same Vol. p. 228, was label.
Osomunt Bray, full evid. of knonl. by the scrivener of the old writ. In
Vol. IX. 347, the correct name is giv. His s. Thomas was of Taunton
1668, and num. descend. in that vicin. CORNELIUS, Scituate, s. of
Walter, was ensign in Philip's war under eld. brs. James, the lieut. and
John, capt.; m. 1677, the wid. of Samuel Russell, one of his fellowsoldiers,
wh. had fallen the yr. preced. had Cornelius, b. 1678; Joseph,
1679; and James, 1683. EDMUND, Topsfield 1667. JAMES, Scituate,
s. of Walter, lieut. in the gr. war, m. 1678, Rebecca, d. of deac. Joseph
, had Joseph, b. 1678; Mary, 1682; James, 1687; Benjamin,
1695; and perhaps others. JOHN, Lynn, came, prob. in the Blessing, 1635,
aged 20, rem. to Sandwich 1637, there d. 1641. His w. Catharine had
admin. 1 June. JOHN, Newport 1638, or Portsmouth 1650, was freem.
there 1655, had Thomas, and an elder s. viz. JOHN, Warwick, b. 1642,
wh. m. Frances, d. of Edward Fisher of Portsmouth, R. I. had John, b.
25 Jan. 1668; James, 12 Feb. 1671; Frances, 26 Feb. 1673; and
Richard, 1 Feb. 1675. He liv. at Kingstown in 1678, when his w. was
nam. Hannah. JOHN, Boston 1673, s. of William, rem. that yr. to Lyme,
there by w. Mary had William, b. 30 July 1672 or 3; and Peter, 5 Feb.
1680. JOHN, Scituate, s. of Walter, had Hannah, b. 1684; Deborah,
1685; and John, 1687. He was a capt. in the war. Deane, 225.
JONATHAN, Taunton, perhaps s. of Clement, had Jonathan, b. 15 Mar.