Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p18


Volume 1, Page 18

nominees; and was appoint. after Judge of the highest ct. 1702, and
its chief, next yr. His w. d. 2 Mar. 1713, and he m. 19 Nov. foll. Elizabeth
wid. of Hon. John Wainwright, d. of William Norton of Ipswich and d.
19 Mar. 1715, leav. no ch. Sewall says his funer. was attend. on 23d by
20 counsellors. His wid. d. 22 Nov. 1742, aged 87.

    ADDIS, WILLIAM, Gloucester 1642, one of the chief inhab. perhaps
went home for a short time, but in 1658-62 liv. at New London, as a
brewer. He had two ds. Milicent, wh. m. 28 Nov. 1642, William Southmayd,
next William Ash, and, last, Thomas Beebe, wh. were all of New
London; and Ann, wh. m. 24 June 1653, at Boston, Ambrose Dart.

    ADEY, WILLIAM, Plymouth, of wh. I learn only, that he was fin. in
1636, for work on Sunday.

    ADGATE, THOMAS, Saybrook, had Elizabeth b. 10 Oct. 1651; and Hannah,
6 Oct. 1653; and by sec. w. Mary, wid. of Richard Bushnell, d. of
Matthew Marvin, with wh. a. 1660, he rem. to Norwich, had Abigail,
Aug. 1661; Sarah,Jan. 1663; Rebecca,June 1666; and Thomas, Mar.
1670. He was after at Saybrook, deac. and d. 1707. All the ds. were
m. Elizabeth to Richard Bushnell, 7 Dec. 1672; Hannah, to Samuel Lothrop,
but perhaps as sec. w.; Abigail, to Daniel Tracy, 1682; Sarah, to
Christopher Huntington the sec. and Rebecca, to Joseph Huntington.
THOMAS, Norwich, s. of the preced. m. 15 June 1692, Ruth, d. of Benjamin
Brewster of the same
, had Thomas, and Matthew, was deac. and
reach. to very old age.

    ADGER, THOMAS, at Pemaquid, took o. of fidel. July 1674.

    ADKINS, BENJAMIN, Middletown, s. of Josiah of the same, m. 8 June
1709, Jane Stevens of New Haven, had Sarah, b. 27 Mar. foll.; Hannah,
12 Oct. 1712; and his w. d. 16 Nov. next. He m. 9 May 1716,
Elizabeth Barnes, and had Elizabeth b. 1717; Benjamin, 2 Nov. 1718; Daniel,
25 Mar. 1721; Rachel, 1723; Joel, 24 Apr. 1725; Ruth, 1728; Jemima,
9 Nov. 1731; David, 20 June 1734, d. in few wks.; David, again,
16 July 1736; and Elisha, 12 Aug. 1738, d. young; and this w. d. 20
May 1752. EPHRAIM, Middletown, youngest s. of Josiah of the same,
m. 16 June 1709, Elizabeth Whitmore, or Wetmore, perhaps d. of Thomas of
the same
, had Thomas, b. 5 Apr. foll.; Ephraim, 18 July 1712, d. next
yr.; Elizabeth 6 Dec. 1714; Ephraim, again, 22 Mar. 1717, d. at 18 yrs.;
Naomi, 6 June 1719; Ebenezer, 1 Oct. 1721; James, 9 Apr. 1724;
and George, 26 Dec. 1726; and his w. d. 20 May 1752, says indefatigab.
Hinman, in his new Edit. of 1852. But as he gives the same day for d.
of the w. of Benjamin, the elder br. and the bapt. name of ea. was the
same, without daring to guess wh. of the two is correct, I venture to
doubt, that he fell into a very natural error, not observ. the repetit.
Ephraim d. he says 26 Dec. 1760; and note is not found as to Benjamin.