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General William Campbell Edmiston, son of Col William Edmiston recalled that:
My father commanded as a Major at that battle in the regiment commanded by Gen'l. Campbell. I had in the same regiment several uncles to wit, Samuel Edmiston, John Edmiston, Robert Edmiston, Andrew Edmiston, & David Beattie & William Edmiston, the two latter of whom were uncles by marriage. Robert Edmiston, Andrew Edmiston & Cap'n William Edmiston three of my uncles were killed there that day, and John Edmiston was wounded. The Campbell-Preston papers in the Library of Congress, vol. VII, p.789. Deposition by General William Campbell Edmiston, dated 26 July 1823

Note that David Beatie and Captain William Edmiston, are not identified on this diagram. They are presumably the husbands of two of the daughters of John Edmiston and Margaret. (Click to edit) See also: Analysis:Edmiston's at King's Mountain

The "person numbering" system in the above diagram is out dated, and will be corrected.