Talk:Early McCutcheon's in Augusta County, Virginia

5 McCutcheon Brothers 4/1/13 article [22 May 2013]

Does anyone have any information if the John McCutcheon claimed to be a brother Samuel, James, Robert and William was actually the father? I come from Samuel's line and can find no lineage of this John McCutcheon. I find lineage of Samuel, Robert and James. William dies without children.

This might explain why John has no stated heirs later on because his heirs were Samuel, James, Robert and William.

I saw some internet posts suggesting this with reference that John's middle name was Ames, i.e. John Ames Wood McCutcheon. If so, the James McCutcheon referenced in the Hutchinson survey of 1738 could have been misinterpreted where it may have stated "J. Ames McCutcheon" hence James.

Likewise, it would make sense that Samuel would get his 600 acres near the 920 of John's where the earlier survey may not have materialized because father and son wanted land closer to the other. responses are appreciated.

Edward McCutchan McCutchan 19:23, 22 May 2013 (EDT)