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THOMAS TIGNAL (c1600-AFT 1637), he was a churchwarden in Warwick m. 1) Unknown and 2) the widow of Henry Thurmer in 1637.

The Virginia Assembly required church attendance and the solons enacted into law. In 1632 it was a requirement that church buildings be kept in good repair according to the law reenacted in 1661. Nutmeg Quarter Parish or Nutmeg Quarter church was erected 1631 / 1632 (current day Mariners Museum). The name likely was derived from sassafras trees or Myrtle (Bayberry) trees or both since the term "nutmeg" was used for lauraceous trees bearing aromatic fruit.

It seems probable that this parish's quaint name was derived from the prevalence of either sassafras or bay trees in the region known as Nutmeg Quarter, since the name “nutmeg" was anciently applied to any lauraceous tree bearing aromatic fruit. James Backler was the minister, having been recorded as serving the parish in 1647, at which time Garrett Stephens and Thomas Tignall were the churchwardens. Denbigh Parish Church The Newport News, Virginia, 1607-1960 William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine, 1941, p. 375. [Garrett Stephens was at the path from New Poquoson River in 1652].

Upon ye auditeinge and perfectinge of the Accoumpt exhibited this day in Court by Tho: Tignall (who intermarried the Administratrix of Henry Thurm[er] deceased) of ye estate of the said Henry Thurmer there is found due unto Thomas Thurmer the Sonne and orphant of the said Henry Thurmer five thousand two hundred thirty and one pounds of tobacco which said quantity of tobacco Mr. Tristram Nasworthy and Mr. John Chandler appoynted overseers by the said descendant is desired and requested by ye court to convert into cattle for the said child his benefit and encrease according to the will of the decedent the said Tho: Thurmer his father as aforesaid.


JOHN TIGNAL (c1622-AFT 1704) m. c1642 Judith _____ (c1622-AFT 1713)

In 1704, John Tignall owned 392 acres in Nutmeg Corner in Warwick Co., VA, he had sons Matthew and Francis. The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 1. 1/1895. John Tignall Warwick Co. Virginia 1704 Quit Rent 392.

Judith Tignall paid a quitrent in 1713; 300 acres of the tract had belonged to Joseph Stratton in 1635.

John Tignal of Warwick Co.: From Cavaliers and Pioneers Book III: John Tignall (Tingnall), had 392 acres, in Warwick County; near Nutmeg Quarter; 2 Nov. 1705, p 681. Beg. by James River; adjacent John Davis; on Holly Bush Swamp, Near the Reedy Dam; land of Samuel Groves' Orphans; & John Noble. 300 acs. part of 500 acres granted Joseph Stratton, 8 July 1635; 92 acs. due for Imp. of 2 pers: Thomas Whitefeild, Ralph Seddell.

The following list of the Civil and Military officers in Virginian 1680. WARWICK— p/A June, 1699. Humphrey Harwood, Miles Cary, Samuell Ransha, Wm. Rascow, Thomas Charles, MATTHEW JONES, Robert Hubbard, William Carey, Sheriff, Thomas Merry. Quorum. Miles Wills, Thomas Haynes, JOHN TIGNALL. The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography. Vol. I. Jan, 1894. No. 3. According to Tyler’s Quarterly, Vol. 1, p. 508.

MR. HENRY ROYALL, 586 acs., Eliz. City Co., 28 Oct. 1697, p. 121, adj. John Tignall & Samll. Dewberrie (Duberrie), near the bridge of Scon's damms; adj. William Hatchell; Mr. Thomas Curle, Merchant; & Robert Kollins (or Hollins). Imp. of 12 persons: William Heathcoat, Anne Greene, Elee Morris, Tho. King, Henry Royall (name written 4 times), Mercena, Kate, Jack, Bess.

The difference depending between Samuel Duberry pltf & Theo: Richarson deft in an Action upon the case for two hundred and fifty one pounds of tobacco is referred to the next court for Mr. Thomas Merry & Mr. John Tingnall to settle the Acco' in difference, being called and the Said Acco' Settled, So y' there is found due to the pltf from the deft by the Sd Ace' three hundred and Seventy two pounds of Tobaccoe for which judgement is granted the pltf. On the 1704 Quit Rent Rolls of Warwick Co., VA John Tignal is taxes for 392 acres, with his named spelled Tingnall. The following is a True & Perfect Rent Roll of all the Lands that is held in Warwick County 1704: Major Wm. Cary 300 Mr. Nedler Plantacon 80 Rober Hubbert 101 Wm. Harwood 625 Richard Glanvills Orphans 165 Wm. Hubbert 200 Henry Gibbs 315 Wm. Hewitt 150 James Hill 135 John Golden 50 Thomas Harwood 575 Jno. Harwood 704 Capt. Thomas Charles 100 Hump: Harwood 400 Matthew Wood 300 Edward Joyner 60 Coll. Dudley Diggs 4626 Elizabeth Lucas 800 John Hillard 74 Edward Loftes 60 Wm. Rowles Orphans 150 Samuell Hatton 225 Isaac Goodwin 225 George Robinson 70 Seymon Powell 250 John Dawson 300 Wades Orphans 100 Henry Dawson 200 John Bowger 100 Joseph Cooper 200 Robert Roberts 60 George Burton 330 Capt. Mills Wells 425 Roger Daniell Orphans 196 Jno Hansell 100 Emanuell Wells 325 Elizabeth Wells Widdow 155 Widdow Lewelling 100 Wm. Wells 615 Elias Wells 50 Widdow Pierce 155 Thomas Haynes 850 John Scarsbrook 850 Francis Jones 150 Matthew Jones 750 Jno. Read 875 Mr. Brewer Land 1350 Mr. Henry Cary 670 Langhorne Orphans 602 Coll. Coles Orphans 1350 Peter Jones 150 Samuell Crew Orphans 150 Samuell Symons 173 Mrs. Elizabeth Whitaker 600 Capt. Miles Cary 600 John Cannon 75 John Linton 75 Richard Gough 60 Coll. Miles Cary 1960 Mr. Jno. Mallnote 61 Rowlands Williams 170 Robert Chapell 150 James Chapell 100 Edward Powers 200 James White 40 Peter Sawers Orphans 95 Wm. Cotton 143 James Cotton 70 John Croley 100 Stephen Burgess 128 Widdow Yorgen 60 George Jackson 193 Sarah Ranshaw 125 Richard Wootton 243 Samuell Hoggard 120 James Floyd 100 Fr: Rice Orphans 200 Mr. Math Hoggard 270 Widdow Chapell 321 Thomas Ascow 50 Garrett Ridley 300 Samuell Ranshaw 238 Charle Stuckey 86 Jos Naylor 100 Jos Russell 150 Charles Allen 295 [209] Wm. Newberrey 100 John Turmer 100 Wm. Smith 150 Elizabeth Holt 150 James Browne 150 Henry Royall 246 Edward Rice 375 Thomas Blackistone 75 Mark Noble 215 James Reynolds 75 John Holmes 200 Samuell Duberry 200 Edward Powers 200 Jno Hatton Orphans 93 Wm. Lowland 25 Thomas Morey 363 Wm. Bracey 150 Cope Doyley 500 Nath Edwards 100 Samuel Groves 490 Croncher Orphans 50 Henry Whitaker 60 Woodman Land 200 Wm Cook 29 Jno Tignall 392 Thomas Mountfort 890 Joseph Mountfort 558 James Priest 50 Abr: Cawley 80 Wm. Jones 70 Edward Davis 200 The County Land 150 Denbigh per Gleab 130 Mulberry Island Gleab 50 Thomas Hansford 75 Mr. Rascows Orphans 1195 ——— 37685 Thomas Hansford never before pd 75 ——— 37610 Persons out of the County Jno Trevillian 248 Holman Orphans 200 448 Signed Robert Hubberd Sherriff


MARY TIGNAL (ca. 1643-1712) m. Matthew Jones (1643-1712).

Matthew Jones had Harwood, Matthew and Francis. This is shown by a deed recorded in Isle of Wight Co., Virginia on June 5, 1760, from Matthew Jones and Mary, his wife, of York Hampton Parish, York County, "for 250 acres conveyed to James Watson, which anciently belonged to Matthew Jones, the Elder, and was given to his sons, Matthew and Francis, since which time the said Francis sold his part to the said Matthew." Harwood Jones produced his account against Tignall Jones, orphan of Matthew Jones. William & Mary Quarterly XIII, 143.