Southwest VA Militia Roster Early Fall 1774

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align=centerBut from the borders of southwest Virginia, alarming reports continued to pour into Williamsburg, the Virginia capital. The enemy had penetrated to within thirty miles of Botetourt courthouse, and all settlers upon the Holston and Clinch were gathered within fortified stockades. Impelled by this serious condition, Lord Dunmore took the initiative...calling out the militia of the western counties, and prepared for aggressive measures. Source:Thwaites and Kellogg, 1905:xv.

Title: Pay Roster of Captain William Russell's Company
Intermediate Source:-
Original Source: Page 00412

and page 00413 of Dunmore's War Microfilm Collection at the Library of Virginia]

Location:Castle's Woods, Washington County, VA
Date:Spring 1774


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Henry Moore Alexander Ritchie
James Naale Joseph Blackmore
Person:John Snoddy (1) Edward Blackmore
William Moore Samuel Butcher
Henry Hamlin James Campbell
Samuel Ritchie Henry Campbell
Nathan Brown Patrick Porter
John Duncan Person:James Green (64)
Andrew King William Hill
Henry Dickenson John McCorkle
person:Samuel Porter (24) Samuel Cowan
person:John Crank William Burney
Person:David Cowan Edmund Smith
Michael Oscer William Mountz
William Russell, Jr. John Mountz
Thomas Johnson Phillip Phillips
Humphrey Dickenson Rawley Duncan
Person:James Bush (14 James Overton
James Burke Silas? McClalland
Benjamin Nicholson ? Campbell Jr
John Anderson Person:Charles Kilgore (1)
David Burney John Smith
George Oscer (-1809) Samuel Porter Jr
Obediah Terrell Archelaus Dickeson
Joseph Kinkaid James Martin
Thomas Pittman ? Lewis
Person:William Cowan (12) Richards Hinds
William Bush Dail Carter
David Gass John Duncan Jr.
Joseph Moore
Samuel Kirkham
George Campbell
James Black
Person:John English (6)
William Hays
Joseph Duncan
William Blackmore
John Blackmore (1)
Andrew Davis
John Blackmore, Jr.
Richard Staunton
John Carter
William Carr

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Southwest VA Militia Roster Annotated