Source:Smith, 1774

Source Smith, 1774

Smith, 1774.

Kellogg, 1905]]:2-3

Capt. Daniel Smith to Col. William Preston.
March 22nd 1774.

Dr SIR — Yours by Mr. Boles came to hand 18th Inst I was at home, because I had called a muster the next day, the badness of the weather prevented the people from meeting. So next day I came down here, and Survey'd Mr Lynch's Millseat Yesterday. The people on this River are much more fearful of the Indians than I expected to find them. The late Reports alarm'd them so much that 4 families in my neighborhood mov'd over to Holston before I heard of their Setting off, they went in Such haste that they left all their Stock and greatest part of their Household Furniture. When they got to Holston they heard news that mitigated their fears a little, and they ventur'd back again to take care of their Effects, then I saw them and p[r]evail'd on them to Stay. The badness of the Weather and the troublesome Office you conferr'd on me lately hath prevented me from making any more than seven surveys yet, nay, from making any proper beginning yet, I fear you'll say I'm lazy, but hope to make you think otherwise in four Weeks. This day I leave this neighbourhood to go towards the Rye Coves. Please to make my Compliments acceptable to your Lady. I am in Haste, so conclude with assuring you that I am Dr Sir, Your respectful humble Servt


Money is so scarce on this River that I fear I shall make a very sorry collection—not one penny recd yet.