Source:Rugg, Ellen R. Descendants of John Rugg

Source The descendants of John Rugg
Author Rugg, Ellen R
Surname Rigge, Rug, Rugg, Rugge, Rygge
Publication information
Publisher F.H. Hitchcock
Date issued c1911
Place issued New York
Rugg, Ellen R. The descendants of John Rugg. (New York: F.H. Hitchcock, c1911).
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Usage Tips

This source has considerable errors of sloppiness. For example, missing children that are clearly recorded in the town records (example). Recording death dates incorrectly (here and here). There is very little sign that probate records were use in its compilation, never a good sign.

But the biggest problem has to be the layout of the book.

  • First, it uses the dreaded depth-first arrangement, where each sibling's tree is explored fully before going to the next sibling. Which means the next sibling could be 100 pages later.
  • Second, the index lists people by their number, not by their page number.
  • Third, because of the depth-first ordering, the numbers jump back and forth from low to high.
  • There are no chapters.

So the index is useless. If you use this source, get ready for a lot of page turning and scanning to find the entry you're interested in.