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This web site is a mirror of the main site, which is hosted by RootsWeb at

It relates to the world-wide One-Name Study into the surname RIGGS, researching its origins in the UK and subsequesnt migrations world-wide, documenting occurrences and distributions through time, and reconstructing family groupings from the data available. The author is a member of Guild of One Name Studies with whom the surname is registered.

The site currently documents families originating in Devon and Essex but will shortly be extended to the rest of England and Wales with special reference to Dorset which has the highest density of the surname. It also documents descendants of Edward RIGGS of Riggsdale, co. Cork, Ireland and the early descendants of Edward RIGGS of Roxbury, MA and of Thomas Riggs of Gloucester, MA.

Pages are bing prepared documenting the early families in Newfoundland, in Scotland, in Canada, in south Africa, in Australia and elsewhere.