Source:MacLysaght, Edward. Surnames of Ireland

Source The surnames of Ireland
Author MacLysaght, Edward
Place Northern Ireland
Republic of Ireland
Subject Ethnic/Cultural
Ethnicity / Culture Irish
Publication information
Type Book
Place issued Ireland
MacLysaght, Edward. The surnames of Ireland. (Ireland).
Family History LibraryFHL # 155007 (1969)Other
Family History LibraryFHL 177933 (1985)Other
Google Books6th Edition, 2017 printingFree website

According to the Preface of the 6th Edition, this book is part of the three volume Irish Families series. The other two books in the series are Irish Families, their names, arms and origins and More Irish Families.

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The 1985 book is the 6th Edition, published by the Irish Academic Press in Dublin, which was reprinted several times - 1991, 1997, 1999, 2005, 2007 and 2017, the 2017. This edition saw the addition of 1,500 additional names versus the previous edition. The Hathi Trust indicates that the paperback version of this book is ISBN 0716523647; from the 2017 printing, the kindle edition is ISBN 9781911024637 and the epublication is ISBN 9781911024644. The Hathi trust also lists the ISBN 0716523663 without indicating format.

There is some confusion among online records about whether 1989 saw publication of the 6th edition and 1985 that of the 5th. However, the Google scan shows 1985 as the publication date of the 6th edition, with no additional printing noted in 1989.

It is not clear which edition was published in 1969; this was published in Shannon, Ireland by T.M. MacGilinchey, according to Google. The Hathi Trust indicates the 1969 issue was published in Shannon, but by Irish University Press ISBN 0716521644 .

Review of editions listed in WorldCat suggests the 5th edition was published in 1980, the 4th edition in 1978, the 3rd in 1973.