Source:Hamilton, 1978

Source Hamilton, 1978

Hamilton, 1978.
Hamilton, Emory L., 1978.  The First Militia Roster of the Clinch River Area of Russell County.

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Hamilton's forward to the article:

In the Archives of the Virginia State Library is found one of the most interesting documents pertaining to the earliest settlers of the Clinch River Valley in what is now Russell, Scoot and Lee Counties, but then a part of Washington County. It is page 229 and 230 of the Dunmore's War Records, and is a roster of 72 names of Militia soldiers under Captain William Russell. The roster is for the first pay period just prior to the outbreak of Dunmore's War in the fall of 1774. While this document does not list everyone living in the area, it does give an insight into some of the very earliest settlers.

Hamilton lists 44 settlers, and provides a brief thumbnail biography of each.

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