Source:Decatur Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois)

Source Decatur Daily Review
Place Decatur, Macon, Illinois, United States
Year range 1873 - 1979
Subject Newspaper article
Publication information
Type Newspaper
Place issued Decatur, Illinois
Decatur, Macon, Illinois, United States. Decatur Daily Review. (Decatur, Illinois).
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Based on Library of Congress information

The Decatur Daily Review was a newspaper published by Review Pub. Co., running from 1891 to 1917; it continued the issue numbering from the Morning Review, which ran from 1888 to 1891, also published by Review Pub. Co. Continuation of issue numbering followed from The Daily Review published by W. J. Mize & Co. (1886-1888), Morning Review and The Decatur Morning Review published by Jack & Mize (1884-1886 and 1883-1884, respectively). Continuation of issue numbering stretches farther back with The Morning Review, a publication of S. S. Jack (1881-1883); Decatur Daily Review published by William H. Bayne (1870's to 1881); and finally The Decatur Local Review published by Alfred Wuensch (1873 to 1870's). Thus, there appears to be an unbroken issue count from 1873 through 1917 through a variety of titles and publishers.

Miscellaneous other sources

There are other sources that belie the 1917 end date. For instance, the database linked from Source:Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) has holdings up to 1919. has archived issues of The Decatur Daily Review from 1878 to 1980. The "Decatur Public Library Collections" available via FamilySearch indicates that part of the collection is a set of obituary indexes from Decatur Daily Review from 1879 to 2007; this index is represented separately in WorldCat via OCLC 866779386.

According to Wikipedia, Daily Review (evening edition) and Herald (morning edition) merged operations in 1931, but kept the two publications separate. In an acquisition in 1979, the two titles were merged into one, Herald & Review.

Usage notes

This source page is meant to cover the periodical's run from 1873 through 1979, when it was purportedly rolled into the new Herald & Review.

Example of use

See Person:S Davis (2), where the source has been piped to display the periodical title at the time of the citation. has a number of separate databases of issues, and the previously created, associated Source pages have been retained as follows (the titles are from the timeline above):

  • The database link for this particular source page, which did not have a year range originally, was found to be dead; therefore, it's former representation in the repository is unknown. There are no incoming links to help in this respect.
  • Source:Daily Review (Decatur, Illinois) covers 1886 (The Daily Review) and 1892 to 1919 (Decatur Daily Review). This also indicates that the Chronicling America repository might be wrong in the end date of 1917.
  • Source:Decatur Morning Review (Decatur, Illinois) covers 1883-1884 (The Decatur Morning Review) and 1889-1891 (Morning Review)

There are likely other sources which overlap and not represented here.

WorldCat (OCLC)

There are many records related to this periodical, which some have been related here:

  • 1880 Decatur Daily Review published by William H. Bayne — OCLC 1101024090
  • 1891-1917 Decatur Daily Review published by Review Pub. Co. — OCLC 1101009877 and OCLC 81964947
    this entry refers to an other title as well, Sunday Review
  • 1917-1919 Decatur Review published by Review Pub. Co. — OCLC 22714324
  • 1919-1980 The Decatur Daily Review published by The Review Pub. Co. — OCLC 1100998294
    this listing refers to several other titles, such as Decatur Herald and Review and Decatur Sunday Review